Best NPC quotes


I remember that line, but it has nothing to do with 47. One of the Strike Team members in Colorado yells it during their training for the Mexico operation. Probably his way to psyche himself up.


Oh please tell me about it, this is in many ways the best and worst Hitman for me, I miss that dark atmosphere where you’d almost feel alone



(Just the way he says it… Gets me every time.)

EDIT: Oh and how could I forget…


“You were stronger in Blood Money”. I swear, at this point when subduing a male NPC I always let the subdue dialogue occur just for a chance for this line to pop up.


‘Guess you didn’t see me through all that hair?’

Don’t have exact quotes, but some of the people on their phones in Sapienza have some funny lines about predictive text, Tinder, and one is playing some kind of Hitman game iirc.

Heard this in Colorado yesterday:



You opened a bag of dicks! No denying it. Lol

See jack


People randomly calling other people on their phone when seeing dead bodies is by far my most favorite and most surprising thing to happen, as I wasn’t expecting that.
Feels very immersive.


Something along the lines of:“Excuse me but your breath smells like a rat crawled up your ass and died!”


@Wesker: After the first scene, where she just heartlessly walks away, check out Rocco’s sister’s phone call responses in this video I uploaded some time ago:


Food poisoning LOL that video is great


Hottest character right up ther with Diana. MIIIIILF!


Whilst wearing a tuxedo in Paris “Good evening Mr Bond, you can have your martini shaken not stirred some place else, I can’t let you through here.” or something along those lines since every good one has been posted. “Shine bright like a diamond” when wearing the requiem suit.


I’ve been replaying Absolution a bit lately and was surprised at just how much dialogue in the new game is lifted straight from there. Exact same lines with the same voice actors. I only ever completed Absolution once so didn’t really recall any of that when playing the new game before (the copied mechanics / animations were a lot more obvious though).

Still haven’t played enough of Absolution to really compare the two dialogue systems but I think the new one at least has a few extra scenarios accounted for. The “quotes” I enjoy are when they react to your play-style, like commenting on how you’re getting perfect headshots or acting incredulous when you change disguises right in front of them. Although my favourite line might be one of the simplest, when they spot you out of the corner of their eye but aren’t sure.

Just a soft, “Nooo…”


Do Rocco got the booty? He do.


There’s one with Yuki where if she sees through your guard disguise she’ll say: “Hold it right there, ‘guard’! You would suck at cosplay!”

And if you walk away while she has suspected you, she’ll go “Yeah, yeah that’s right asshole! Walk! Walk!”


is it just me or did they remove the dialogue “are you in any way retarded mister?” i used to hear that often, but they must have removed it in a patch because it’s considered offensive


Never heard that one so I can’t say for sure. Probably a good idea if they did though.

Honestly I really liked the Brexit discussion. It really felt like the game was expanding and evolving as the year went on and hearing characters give commentary on real life events made it feel like we shared the same world. I can dig it.


Where was the Brexit discussion? As a Brit myself, I’d really like to hear that one.


“People who sneak are usually sneaky!”