Best NPC quotes


Knocking innocent people out, shame on you.


It’s in Hokkaido, man and woman near the bar. It’s not the first discussion they have so you need to do multiple passes to hear it.

Brexit was the second worst political decision of 2016 but it’s still fascinating to hear it mentioned. Couldn’t happen outside of episodic.


Not to get political, but yes, I was one of the ones who did vote against it, and as a Scot especially, it really has put a massive new strain on Scotland’s relationship with England. Will definetly have to check it out.


Still very much in the game. Heard it quite a lot in Pro mode the last day or two (specifically Bangkok and Marrakesh).


I actually heard it yesterday. I found it sort of strange as it seemed politically incorrect.


Around the 7:14 mark, one of Caruso’s guards says it.


Pretty poor choice of words to be honest.


i absolutly hate the “SNAILMEAT! SNAILMEAT!“ Woman in Marrakesh…


And that is one of the reasons for Contract mode. :wink:


But… but… it’s warm… and well cooked…



I think this one tops the cake for me.

“Get back on the train, you fuckin hobo. And no, I don’t have any small change for you, you pasty sack of shit.”


Just heard a new one in Marrakesh. There’s a guy on his cell phone.

“Yeah, I’m naked. Just got outta the shower. Putting lotion on my ripped bod. Gotta keep it moisturized. So, we still on for tonight? Yeah, I’ll bring uncle fuzzy. You know you love it.”


Best NPC quote ever gotta be:

“ROCCO! Get down here this minute!” :joy:


If you notice, the same voice actress is in Marrakesh and her lines are: the best goods in all MoROCCO.


The lady goes by many names :joy: Once you hear her voice, it can’t be unheard and will haunt you for the rest of the season :joy:


While dressed as a hacker and passing by a guard in Colorado, he said “NERDS!”


Found it.


sees 47 sneaking around "what are you doing, what is that? is that some kind of modern art dance?


“As edgy as an '80’s sitcom, aren’t you?”

Personally my favorite quote


47 throws coin
NPC 1: "ok."
NPC 2: "someone go see, what the funk, that was"
NPC 1: “yes.”