Best NPC quotes


See? This is more reason to doubt that the hero of Absolution and HITMAN are the same killer clone. Ladies absolutely love 47 in HITMAN! :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it’s been there for quite a bit. I captured it back in August 2016 when I shot the delivery guy from the top of the ruins with a pistol. He immediately went to report it to the bodyguard on the gate of the mansion and he came up to find me. As he passed by the bodyguards on duty outside the iron gate he gave an accurate description.

There are other some really quotes captured there too. Check them out.





“Hey! I have a description on the bastard now: Bald. Tall. Slim Build. Say what you want… The guy was a fuckin’ vampire.


Best moment for this quote.


Bumped into a guard of the Shisha Café during AHBOS and he said: “Please, sir, back off, I don’t think I can contain this homophobic joke much longer”. That was funny as it was a bit cringeworthy.


Passed by two guards wearing the Requiem Suit. One said "Is that… Helmut Kruger?"
The other said a slightly different variation.
“Is that… Pitbull?”


Guard says: “This guy must be a professional, no trace of the suspect, no blood trails anywhere.” While he was standing directly infront of a massive bloodpool. That was funny.


Yep, and a reference to reservoir dogs called me “hey, mr white!” Lol.


I’ve heard that one too. Funny about how guards joke about their employer’s would be killer. :joy:


Is this old? I hadn’t heard it before. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:


Yesterday I heard this in Paris while dressed as Kruger: “Hey Helmut, follow me on Instagram okay!?” Never heard it, funny to hear about a real life social media platform :stuck_out_tongue:


Too funny. This is totally new to me. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
Turn your volume up a bit as he’s kinda far away.


I’ve never heard that one XD


I know I posted this one already, but “Please don’t kill me, I just had my teeth, done, see?” - The NPC who I shot in the mouth after he said this, just to troll him.


“Mmm… the smell of hot vomit!”

Ew, so gross!


I strangled a guy and he said “Thank you, thank you, for making my dream real!” or some shit. Mainly all you could hear was the strangling.


Someone liked BDSM way too much.


Had this entertaining exchange with the Father while streaming the other night.


You have to get it on tape? Which one, VHS or BETA? Lol.