Best NPC quotes


i think when you strangle him he says “THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THAT” sarcastically


LOL I’m an old (33) so I still say tape!



i got a bodyguard to get in the washroom and instead of saying the generic “hey can i have some privacy?” he said “please leave. i don’t want you to see a grown man cry”


“Well, you’re obviously up to no good. Last person who was up to no good around here got tarred and feathered. If you catch my drift”

Jeez, dude


A guard asked me in Marrakesh if his frisking “was as good for me as it was for him” or something along those lines.

That was … creepy.

Actually I wasn’t frisked, only showed the club card, but I think the dialogue is meant for frisking.


Noticed a soldier in Marrakesh comment on “Jerome” being killed during combat:

"Dammit Jerome, what should I tell your pretty little wife?”.

Came across as really casual haha.


Novikov caught me dragging Saito’s body and said ‘No one drags corpses at my show’:grinning:


“You can’t just walk around and knock people out like that!”


I love it when the psychic says that he has an aura of death, it sounds cool.


One Of The Hotel Guards during Combat says"He’s aiming for the head, pull your shirts up!"


This may be old news at this point, but there is Subdue dialogue for women, very little only about five lines, and they can only come from those who sound like Penelope Graves.


I can only assume that the devs made it that way so that you can not subdue females out of fun. I will never understand the point to it but it is the likely reason.


I came across something really strange while luring the Street Performer.

Since then I have had this happen at least once with another random guy in Sapienza, has anyone else experienced this before?


He is cursing you. And it’s been censored.


There’s one that I have in one of my videos (unuploaded), I used the radio in Marrakesh Shisha Café to lure the waiter and he goes:

“You know you have to do it! When you see something or hear something you know only you have the power! You have to do something about it!”

or something like that.


Another funny piece of combat dialogue from Colorado militia who’ve seen their colleagues get quickly cut down:

“Baker you stupid amateur. He’s down!”


“RoCc0 G3t DoWn HErE D1s MeNUTe!”


Guard combat dialogue I had: “He’s doing one shot kills!” I had a pistol and used multiple shots.


Lol yeah and also those guards who shout “Sniper!” when you shoot someone with a gun, even if it’s not a sniper rifle. (I guess you have to do that from somewhere where you can’t be seen.)