Best “reverse horror” game ever

There’s a new genre coined called “reverse horror” where you play the monster via games like Carrion, maneater and Friday the 13th. In this genre you stalk and take out NPCs. I realized that Hitman is inadvertently the best entry in this genre and a lot of my hours are played trying to kill everyone in the level. I think it would be cool to have challenge packs for hitman 3 that for some levels like “mass murder” achievements. Do any other users play this way?

“Mass murder” challenge packs?

Sounds chirpy


If it was actually interesting challenges and not just something like “kill 47 civilians” because that’s just not fun for anyone

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Agreed, but more like “eliminate or subdue all of a certain type of guard without raising an alarm”.

Where you still have to use strategy but have a higher target limit then 5.

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In Hitman Blood Money’s Flatline mission, I once took out every NPC in the map with a stun gun, dragged all of their bodies to balconies, and flipped them all over. It took forever! I wanted to see what the rating system would do because I hadn’t used any violence nor left behind any witnesses, and Blood Money would let you kill a non-target as long as it was done with an accident.

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It only becomes a reverse horror game after everyone on the map is dead but one guy, and then you slowly follow him around with an axe or something :fried_egg: lol there is a fried egg emoji? Was looking for : frightening: or something :smiley:

I tried once to kill the whole “A New Life” population via accidents to have SA… This stuff takes forever indeed.

That’s awesome. I’ve logged more hours doing silly stuff like that then in official challenges.

You eliminate characters via accident and still get silent assassin!?! That’s a game changer! I gotta do that. I make my own challenges by killing all npcs trying not to raise an alarm for fun, but now I have something new to do, take everyone out and still get SA!

Marrakesh crashes My Pc eventually tho, there’s just too many.

I actually got a special rating called “Insurance Agent” - and I have no idea what it means! :sweat_smile: you could also get “The Russian Hare” for shooting 47 people with a rifle. I think they’re references to thing I don’t know about

Don’t you have to knock them out without violence though? :thinking:

Ya the best costume for stalking is masked and hooded elite guard on isle of sgail, there’s also an unlockable suit version, it’s super scary looking. So I’ll try to do that and get the suit only achievement. Keep me occupied til H3!

You got a rating called insurance agent? Never saw that!

Insurance Agent is for a big number of accidents :joy:

Here is the list of all BM ratings

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