Best songs you ever heard

Since we have the ‘songs you love but are afraid to admit’ thread I thought why not make one about songs we love but aren’t afraid to admit.

I’m in need of some inspiration. What are your favorite songs? Maybe add a few lines adding why. Post links too. I’m excited to hear some great tunes recommended by the forum!

Inb4: “but pissfloyd you fucker. this is exactly the same idea as the music thread. why are you making dupe threads you idiot.”

No no you got it wrong. Music thread is a place to share casual/whatever stuff. This thread is reserved for only the BEST tunes in your opinion.




I am a religious fanatic so this is I think one of my favorite and most personal songs. I first saw this movie as a child and it has stuck with me ever since for many reasons. I actually hope to make movies just like this-about other stories from my faith.

I get chills and bumps each and every time I hear this song and watch this scene, even just now. Sometimes tear up too. So because of that I have to say this is the best song I have ever heard.

Edit: So when I become famous and you hear about this dude bringing all these animated bible stories back and talks about ‘Prince of Egypt’ as a deep source of inspiration-that’s me yo.


but pissfloyd you fucker. this is exactly the same idea as the music thread. why are you making dupe threads you idiot.


You can never have enough music threads.
Ok so my favourite song ever…

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird.

I just love this song. I sang it to my daughters when they were in Hospital, for them and for me. Its a love song. Even though it’s a long un it’s got some fantastic riffs and solos. I just crank it up real loud and open up a can of beer the song just makes me happy. I feel free when I listen to it.


Like a free bird? :wink:

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You got it! I just imagine myself flying like an eagle. But not as in the Steve Miller Band song. Haha

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There are more.I don’t think I could easily choose my favorite…


Love it. The drum break near the end is just epic. Cant beat a bit of Phil. Do you like Genesis? They did some excellent songs

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Southern American rock has never really been my thing, but that song was lovely. Made me feel calm and happy.

spoder you fucker.

alright I might as well share some too.

Best purple song. The vocals and epicness is a different league. Richie Blackmore’s solo it not his best but the song as a whole is 10/10

The lyrics of this JT song tells a story, a great one at that. There’s a choir part too near the end which is amazing. Great overall melodies.

This one is a bit “out there” and it’s instrumental. But the guitar work and rhythmic aspects of this tune can stand alone perfectly fine.

If you’ve never heard Pink Floyd before this is a great introduction. Blast up that volume and be amazed by the singing and dynamics. But please, play it as loud as you can.

A duet is hard to pull off. Elton and Kiki Dee does a wonderful job here tho. Amazing songwriting skills by Elton as always.

Another instrumental, La Femme d’Argent by Air. Put on headphones, close your eyes and go on a musical journey with this one.

Jazz time! This is from a concept album by Dave Brubeck. Every song on the record has a different time signature (I know, it’s fuckballs crazy) this one is 5/4 and my favorite.

Swedish folk jazz now. That sounds shitty, I know but please give this one a listen. Two instruments, highly minimalistic but Jan’s piano part progresses and gets more and more intricate through the song.

Deadmau5 is way out of his usual 4 to the floor recipe here. Funky as hell and the lyrics are great. Relatable.

More swedish music. This time rock. The solos, the feel, the sound. Also keep in mind that this is actually made quite recently and not in the 70’s. ‘Slow Motion Countdown’ from the same album is also highly recommendable.

Jesper Kyd’s best work IMO. Captures the feel of contract killing perfectly. Words are useless to describe this one.

There’s something about this song that keeps me coming back to it. Whether it’s Josh Homme’s frail (but strong somehow) vocals or the grindy basslines I don’t know. Great song, worth a listen.

That’s what I could just think of right now. I might add more later.

Also check out ‘school’ by supertramp. Not only an amazing song but it’s a delight for audiophiles. The dynamic aspects of that song is like “holy shit I didn’t know music could sound this good”


I find this pretty difficult myself. You are more than welcome to post more than one :slight_smile:

I think I know couple of their songs but I don’t listen them really.

Here’s another one btw.I’d post more but for some reason posting more than one link on my phone won’t work

This is pretty much my #1 favourite song right now

Ive also been listening a lot to Yak recently

that Zack Hemsey song sounds amazing!

@MichaelBeck Thanks for sharing Yak. I didn’t know them but I love good fuzz rock

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If there’s anything that gets me to stop lurking and speak up, it’s a chance to talk about my favorite music.

I’ve got too hard a time picking one, so here’s a few:


Man someone’s in the wolfs is an amazing rock anthem. I remember learning it on guitar. those riffs are so super tasty. that’s my fave album by queens btw.
NIN are awesome too.

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Mine too. It’s so underrated by the fanbase, but it’s one of my favorite albums of all time.

Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band, but I tend to love their albums for the complete picture moreso than standout track. QOTSA (and Them Crooked Vultures) have released probably more of my all-time favorite songs than anyone else, but NIN runs away with my favorite albums.

one of my alltime favorites!

same! I have to check out that new Iggy Pop thing. but yeah, TCV is out of this world musicianship and attitude. John Paul Jones is the man. And Dave really should stay behind the drums IMO.

Oh man, that new Iggy Pop is fucking great. I knew very little of his prior work going in, and between the album and seeing them live, I’m now a fan. It’s got one of the most perfect album closers I’ve heard.