Best way to SA/SO Colorado legacy on professional?

I can’t find any videos of someone doing a quick professional SA/SO run of Colorado in H2 legacy, aside from AJnguyen whose video I followed to the letter but still failed to get SA. Probably due to all kills being by explosions…

Anyone got any videos or tips?

Thanks for the help

Loop the map anti-clockwise
Bring a lockpick, coins and a silenced handgun. Avoid touching anybody unless it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary (it’s best just to lure guards away with a coin if needed). Take out Maya Parvati first with the falling hay bale; the best spot to shoot the rope from is from the rear corner of the shed next to it but you’ll have to be very quick to get there before you miss your chance until her next loop. After that, turn 180° and exit the gate and follow the external perimeter until you get to the side of the main building. Use the lockpick on the gate to enter the perimeter to right next to the main building, take out the camera above the stairs leading down to the basement and quickly hop up onto the elevated part of the lawn.

Ezra Berg’s next; when it’s clear to move, shoot the ride-on lawnmower’s engine to make it leak fuel (he’ll light a cigarette in this position). Loop back to the left where there should be two guards at the top of the stairs leading down to the basement of the main building. Use coins to distract them as needed — knock a guard out if you have to — and head into the basement (make sure you’ve taken out the camera above the stairs or you’ll get spotted). Knock out the guard in this area and head up the stairs.

At this point, you can use coins to try and draw Penelope Graves and/or Sean Rose into the basement but depending on the difficulty you’re playing on, they might send guards down instead. If they don’t come down the stairs, exit the basement when it’s clear and head up the stairs (be careful of the guard that will be near the balcony door upstairs; make sure he’s not facing you). Head towards the back room and use the lockpick to unlock the door to Sean Rose’s bathroom.

From here, depending on the location of the “balcony guard” and Sean Rose, it might be safest to wait in the bathroom (though remember that Sean Rose will routinely enter, there’s almost nowhere to hide and there’s a very good chance you’ll get spotted). The balcony guard will routinely enter the room at the back where there is a guard and a hacker on the couch; it might be best to knock all three of these people out in that room and hiding two in the closet at the back of the room (no-one else will enter/find the bodies once you’ve taken out all three).

Wait outside Sean Rose’s bathroom door until he enters and then kill him however you like. You can leave his body there. While you’re waiting for Penelope Graves to get in position under the chandelier, use coins to distract the hackers while you make a mask of Sean Rose’s face. Swipe the mask and head back down to the basement and wait behind the door. You should be able to hear Penelope Graves speak through the wall when she’s inspecting Sean Rose’s clock at which point, corner shoot the chandelier to make it fall on her. Then head down, scan Sean Rose’s face mask and you’re done.

Takes a bit of practice but that’s my method.


Thank you, I appreciate the advice.

@Cubi-won has an awesome default starting location sniper strat. Works on any difficulties.

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I can’t make out what he’s even sniping ? Also I’ve tried AJnguyens run which is sniping explosive accidents but somehow I still failed to get SA

At 00:21 he shot the gas tank of the lawn mower which Ezra would stop by later; at 00:28 he shot the chandeliers under which Penelope was passing through; at 00:49 he used the bullet spark to ignite the gas leak created earlier; at 1:05 he fired to delay Rose’s cycle which gave him time to catch up Maya, who was passing under the hay bale at 1:13. And at 1:18 he shot the jeep’s gas tank twice to blow up Rose.

Ezra: Take him down in his shaft or the house basement
Penelope: Do the “Interpol” Mission Story or poison her drink inside the greenhouse
Maya: Do the “Car Attack” Mission Story
Sean: Infiltrate his room and take him down there

Good luck Agent.

This mission is driving me insane. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I’ve blown up accident kills. I’ve snuck around hiding guards and then killing targets up close. I dropped the hay on Maya. I can NOT get SA no matter what I do. Never got caught, no bodies found, shot cameras, etc.

I fucking hate this mission.

Can you post a video of an attempt so we can watch it and give some guidance?

Unfortunately I’m on Xbox and I’m unaware of any way I can save more than 2 min of gameplay. I’ll walk you through what I’m doing.

I think it’s Maya that’s messing me up. I go for her first so shes the first one dead. I shoot the hay above her. Ezra I kill in his shack after, easy. Sean I take out in his room, also pretty simple. Penelope I wait for her to check the clock then I fibre wire and drag her upstairs, after having cleaned up the guards around Sean’s room.

I went back and tried changing my kill method on Penelope and Sean. Still no SA. I think the accident kill on Maya is fucking me over. Just like when I followed AJnguyens video, all 4 targets explosion accident kills. Still didn’t get SA.

I’m just gonna go do this old school, take my time and clean up guards and make sure targets are killed up close and clean.

I’ll be damned if I step foot in this trash level again.

What does your score say is missing to get 5 stars?

Your score should tell you what penalties you’re losing points for. Run through the mission again doing any method you want (if you’re not aiming for a Suit Only run, ignore my method) and if, again, you don’t get a Silent Assassin rating, the scoreboard will definitely tell you where you’re going wrong.

I finally got it… I literally repeated the same thing I did before, only thing I changed, instead of dropping hay on Maya I snuck up the attic took out guards then went down and fibred her near the rehearsal area. I feel like accident kills are so finicky.

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Hm. Weird. The only thing I can think of is that her guards were too close and the hay bale hit one (or more) of them as well.

Oh yeah. Usually in explosions one other NPC might get knocked down or even knocked unconscious, and that will count as “body found”… which is a bit annoying, really.

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I just did it today on master.
Mrfreezze2244 has a good video.

You can do everything from the house. You can shoot the hay above Maya from Sean’s room with a pistol, and the rest of the targets you can kill from inside the house.

  1. Unfortunately no video, but for a clean run, crouch-run all the way from default starting location to Ezra Berg’s basement, and use lock-pick.

  2. While inside, go to Sean’s room. Kill Maya when she goes under the hay from Sean’s room (works with pistol).

  3. Then kill Sean when he enters his room.

  4. Kill Penelope Graves when she enters the house by shooting the chandelier above her from Sean’s room (open the door).

  5. Create the 3d print, and go to the basement and kill Ezra Berg. Escape.

A video of how to get to the basement smoothly. Works on Master difficulty as well. (Notice that you can also kill Ezra and hide his body when he passes you).

First mission on this video

At 04:44, use standard submission
Save it when you reach the gate at 07:00, good luck!

My method is very similar to Khaoz’. Ezra dies first for me, you should start in the spot by the house (I think it’s called west bridge) and lockpick into the yard, shoot the camera and time your movement to avoid the guards and sneak into the basement. Knock out the guard watching the prisoner when he is alone and dump him in the box, then overdose the patient and wait for Ezra to run in on his own. If you don’t want/have time to hide the body before the guard of Ezra comes inside you can kill Ezra with a lethal syringe which is sitting on a shelf near the tornado shelter door. Sean is next, sneak out of the basement timing yourself so the hackers don’t see you or the guard patrolling the railing. I would recommend getting into the bathroom and waiting for Sean to enter to wash his hands alone. Kill him and leave him there and then wait for one of the guards in Sean’s office to fall asleep on the bed. After he is asleep fling a non-lethal at his head and subdue the other guard looking at the book shelf. Hide both bodies in the cupboard. Wait till Penelope walks under the chandelier and shoot the cable from the door to the landing. Then go to the window of the office and line up a shot at the hay bale cord. Wait till Maya is about to walk under it (this is tricky) and shoot the cord killing her. Then I would recommend leaving the way you came in (glad io didn’t make the shelter compulsory).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Colorado | Freedom Fighters – Silent Assassin | Suit Only | No Knock Outs

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