BETA Asylum Aftermath sound files discovered

First of all, anyone who knows Romanian, please translate this - it’s titled “C01-1_ST_SC_02MadDoc”

BETA SWAT sounds, as of my current knowledge - “Eyes in the sky…” Maybe there were to be helicopters patrolling the skies of the Sanitarium? “Sniper coverage on the rooftop…” There were to be snipers on the actual rooftop of the Asylum… “Can we get these inmates out of here!?” Self-explantory.

I will upload more, stay tuned.


I’m not really sure if I hear correctly two of the words in the Romanian audio file but here it goes.
In Romanian “Acum calibrez pluribus unum al pacientului”
English translation “Now I’m calibrating the patients pluribus unum”
I honestly have no idea what that means…

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It’s strange, because there are no “doctors” in the mission, only inmates, SWAT officers, and orderlies. More BETA content, probably