Better UI Navigation for Loadouts & Featured Contracts

Just some ideas that came to mind after flipping through tabs and pages of items and/or contracts. What if they were consolidated for better organization?

  1. Gear and equipment could be grouped into a single tile with variations of a specific item you can flip through like how the live tiles on the featured section of the main menu work. So for example instead of god knows how many tiles for every version of the ica baller pistols, instead we could have one live tile you flip through for the variation you want.

  2. Featured contracts could be grouped by game so a tab for hitman 1, hitman 2, and hitman 3 like the way things are grouped in other sections of the main interface.

I think both of these would not only make navigation much smoother but also much more efficient. Though obviously each “grouped” tile would need to make sense otherwise folks would be wondering where certain items went.


I agree!
Of course it would make reskinned items even more obvious, but then again why not embrace it and call them “skins” instead of “new items”. I would actually like that. Select your preferred tool and then its look!

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Couldn’t agree more. Get’s us a step closer to “customization”. Though obviously if we actually had weapon customization like upgrades and mods and such man would I be sinking even more time into this trilogy. :laughing:

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