Black Hat (Forum Game)


Welcome to Black Hat!

Everyone who participates in the game are “black hats”/notorious hackers. You’re all on the run from the police.

Here are the rules:

  • Every week, players get to choose a random number between 1 and 100 once.
  • At the end of the week, 3 random numbers (1-100) will be chosen.
  • If one of the numbers chosen was yours, you’re caught and put in jail. You cannot play for another 3 games.
  • Try not to get caught.

Let’s get started!

For anyone who doesn’t understand, here’s an FAQ.

Q: How do we know who is playing this game?
A: Any number submission between the end of the last game and the end of the current game is counted and that user becomes a player (unless they state their submission was a joke).

Q: Are the three numbers chosen in separate posts?
A: No, the numbers are all in the same post created at the end of each game.

Q: Do we keep the numbers to ourselves?
A: No, you submit it through a reply. I need this so I know you’re playing and can count you in.


@Opal_Hitman Seems like fun mind if I join?
I also have a question, how do you choose a number do you say it right here out loud or do you just think about it or maybe message privately? Otherwise after you tell me this rule i would surely join! :heart::woman:t2:


The idea is good. A couple of questions.
How do we know who’s playing? Do folks post their chosen numbers here?
When you say 3 random numbers are chosen at the end of the week, do you mean 3 random posts made here?


exactly my questions aswell.


You say your number out loud, so that I can spot anyone who’s gotten the same number.

No, all three numbers are in the same post.

Anyone who has posted a number in their post between the end of last game and the end if the current game is counted as players.

Oh yeah, by the way, you can already post your number ;D


Alrightylooo, lets go!






20 characters ok




I’m surprised that no one has actually picked 47 yet, hehueuheuh.


I choose the number 93.


I’ve updated the OP to have an FAQ, so anyone who get’s confused can easily look there.


The RNG numbers are 91, 23 and 30! No Black Hat has been caught yet. Tune in for the next game! It begins next monday (AEDT).


I want to try and spice it up but putting in three numbers:
46, 60 aaaaanndddd 42. If I can just choose one, go with 46. I wonder how my luck’ll turn out.


You can only submit one number, so 46 it is then :wink:


My number will be 34





This text will be blurred


I’ll pick 77



Why on earth it keeps asking me for the bloody 20 characters?!