Black screen


I’ve now just bought the game and when i enter start playing, I get a a black screen, is it from my PC that cant handle it?

PC specs:
i5 4460 CPU 3.20 GHZ
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 730 GT 2gb
8gb ram



Your PC does not reach the minimum requirements for HITMAN™
Your graphic card is not good enough. Minimum Nvidia graphic card requirement is Geeforce GTX 660

Your CPU is fine, it passes the minimum requirement.

There isn’t really a fix to this, upgrading graphic card is probably the only solution.

I hope you will be able to enjoy the game :smiley: Though it wont be now :pensive:

WIK :game_die:



Oh I knew my GPU was the problem, I will be upgrading it then.
Thank you for helping and the advice :wink:



Bro you know what should you do… You should not play this game until Jan 2017. Save money and get a good Graphic card meanwhile and in the end when the time comes… You will truly enjoy this game.
All the customers who are playing Hitman right now are nothing but beta testers. (and it feels like playing unfinished leaked stuff loosing all the fun)



I will definitely do that mate.
Thank you.



But I’ve 1 last question, Does the Nvidia Geforce 750 GTX, meet the requirements?



Which 750 GTX? there are a ton of versions of that… any who if it is the simple first model then yes you can run the game but it doesn’t match the minimum graphics requirement but you still will be able to run the game.



It’s the normal one, but the guy who I bought the gpu from said that Geforce 730 GT 4gb is better than Nvidia Geforce 750 GTX ( simple version ).
Is that true that it’s better?



Obviously it’s your call but imo, find the middle ground on when to buy & keep Hitman. There’s a HUGE laundry list of reasons not to buy it now but i think after the 3rd map is released there will be enough content to keep you happy, most of the issues with the game will be smoothed out and you’ll still get in on elusive contracts. But thats just my opinion.

Btw, the 3rd map is projected to release in late May but very possible it could get delayed by a month, give or take.



This is your rig for hitman in GeForce 750 GTX

And this is your Rig on GeForce GT 730 4GB (Assuming you have V3 Zotac and not the Asus version)

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  • GeForce GTX 750 Score: 3241
  • GeForce GTX 750 Ti Score: 3686
  • GeForce GTX 660 Score: 4119

You will be able to run it. I would guess low fps though. Around 30fps. I would suggest you to save money to a more expensive card.
When I buy electronics I buy few times but more expensive. You are more happy when you buy it and more happy in the long run.
The game is not fully out yet so you’re not missing much.

WIK :game_die:



When comparing with same amount of memory.



By the way I have realized that Hitman has much better optimization for AMD cards. I have seen it myself. Even my Laptop which is way below the specs for Hitman can run this game. GeForce have some Driver related issues…



I wouldn’t agree completely, many AMD users have had problems. But yes, I think AMD sponsor Hitman. They have also had the campaign, buy an AMD card and get Hitman for free. So yes, AMD cards are generally better optimized than Nvidia ones.

WIK :game_die:



Oh alright, so If I actually change my GPU back to 750 GTX it would be good, at least I can play the game.
Thank you guys for helping me, really appreciate it.



My rig is

  1. Asus Maximus ROG Hero XI
  2. Intel i9 9900k
  3. DDR 4 G SKILL 3600 - 16gigs
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  5. MSI AMOR 1080ti 11gig

I’m still having problems with wide screen and regular full screen. I can only play the game in exclusive full screen and I cannot run my OBS for streaming in exclusive full screen.