Blood Money and Absolution Remaster


New Pegi ratings suggest that we might see a remaster of Blood Money and Absolution for PS4 and Xbox One.[]=&filter-descriptor[]=&filter-publisher=&filter-platform[]=&filter-release-year[]=&page=1&form_build_id=form-mbbgzHCJitTncwS_sO64_4Kq0nMAri3UZ5qyxCIyjDI&form_id=pegi_search_form

I don’t really see the need for a remaster version of Absolution, but BM remaster sounds a lot more interesting. What about the rest of the forum, is it something you are interested in?

HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection

i’m only interested in a Codename 47 Remaster, Absolution doesnt really deserves one and Blood Money is my least Favorite Game.

i would buy it anyway.


With the new game right around the corner? Hell no


In fact, it’s Absolution that needs just a remaster. Blood Money is old enough for a remake. But I wouldn’t mind them just rereleasing it on PS4 especially if they fix the control scheme. Actually, it would be the best choice because they wouldn’t have to do a lot of work hence having more time for content for Hitman 2 and Hitman 3.


i’m sure WB would take care of remasters/ports instead of io


If that’s the case I don’t want a remake even more now. Hitman being done by someone other than IOI is not a good idea.


As a PC gamer I already play all the Hitman games at 1080p 60fps, so if its just a re-release with better resolutions and faster performance, I don’t particularly care, cool for console users though, if they do a re-release, make a patch for PC players and that’s that, wouldn’t want to re-buy the games for a minimal upgrade.

Now a remaster with reworked levels,better textures/models, mechanics etc would be more interesting, but I don’t see this happening, too much work that could be put into Season 2 or 3.

I wouldn’t mind IOI releasing Blood Money and Absolution on GOG though, I am still waiting for them to appear there.


I could swear someone else made a topic just like this. Saying they were rerated for the current consoles… But that might’ve been due to them changing over to WBs from SE.

Eta: Yeah, yeah…


That is very possible, it would seem that if that’s the case it have slipped by me.


Like i said on the other thread, unless it’s a PEGI mistake, i’m only interested if they release BM on PC, i don’t see the point in the exclusivity considering this series started on PC. It would seem that they are taking the most advanced version of the game(in this case the HD Trilogy version) and just ported it to a new platform and just called it a remaster. I hope to be wrong.

I stand with @MrOchoa, they should focus their efforts on doing a Codename 47 Remaster, now that there’s still time to make it before the 20th Anniversary.


Totally would buy both. However, I would want Blood Money to feature updated controls or an interface. (Seriously, I can’t figure out a Vintage Year. The furthest I’ve gotten is going on with the tour and one of the targets suddenly staring at you like you are trespassing).

Either way, I think both of these are good ideas and I look forward to a potential announcement!


Word! I wonder what’s taking them so long.

With regards to Blood Money and Absolution releasing on Xbox One, I actually manage to play the Xbox 360 titles on that console through backward compatibility.
Blood Money doesn’t play well on consoles I have to say. You’re better off with the PC version.


BM was the first Hitmangame i ever played on Console and i was positive surprised how well it worked on xbox and xbox360.

the only Game i still play on PC is Codename 47, because IO dont give a shit about one of its best games, sadly.


It’s been about 3/4 years since I even last touched Absolution :flushed:

I’d always be down for some more Blood Money though :ok_hand:


A remastered version of Absolution? They would’ve to put a lot of time and effort into that, to turn it into a good Hitman game: Rewrite the story, less linear levels, more different disguises in each level and more targets just to name the obvious ones.

The time and effort would be better spent working on HITMAN 3.


Well my idea is to just get rid of all the cut scenes. That should fix the story right up. Can’t have a bad story if you just get rid of it.:stuck_out_tongue:


It would be a remake then, not a remaster.


I couldn’t care less about Absolution, but when I first saw this, Blood Money is what caught my eye. However, I already have the Blood Money HD version on PS3, which I still play from time to time, so I don’t really need it, but for those who maybe don’t have that version, I would say Blood Money’s PS4 remaster could be a decent option.


You’re right. But I can’t real see the appeal of a remaster. It wouldn’t solve the core issues people have with the game and the graphic still looks good.


I can’t play blood money on Xbox one. I’ve tried several times and it is terrible. Not interested in going back unless the game is updated and includes 2016 mechanics at least.