Blood Money and Absolution Remaster


Will Kane & Lynch,Mini Ninja cameo in this new Absolution ? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I really wish for an improved version of Absolution. But I think they will only might add the animation to walk on stairs and putting away weapons.
It would be nice but I believe it’s only going to be ported for PS4 not adding anything else to the gameplay.


If they would release a Blood Money DLC Pack with all the levels from that game for Hitman 2, making use of the new mechanics and graphics this would be me…


Just replayed Absolution while waiting for S2. The game is actually brilliantly done as long as you are not close-minded about the “standard formula.” I can see now that, the team needed the Absolution experience to arrive at the design decisions of S1, because it is clearly a perfected balance of Hitman trademark gameplay, Absolution’s much-needed improved control mechanism, and a well-balanced story-to-gameplay ratio. So I would definitely buy a remaster of Absolution and knowing IOI, they may very well tune it up with new mechanics.

As for Blood Money, the missions are definitely incredible, but the control scheme is very dated. I tried going back to it and it was much more troublesome than I remembered. So in the case of Blood Money, we definitely need a proper remake. Can you imagine S1 and S2 mechanics incorporated into the Blood Money remake? It would be amazing. A DLC pack for the S2 would work, too.

But regardless, even if it is just a resolution upgrade remaster, I would still buy them for my PS4, for the love of the game series and for the support of this amazing team who is now a nearly extinct species in the current gaming industry.


New Pegi Ratings on Hitman HD Enhanced Collection… :thinking:[]=&filter-descriptor[]=&filter-publisher=&filter-platform[]=&filter-release-year[]=&page=1&form_build_id=form-mbbgzHCJitTncwS_sO64_4Kq0nMAri3UZ5qyxCIyjDI&form_id=pegi_search_form


Wait what… first Blood Money, then Absolution and now Hitman HD enhanced Collection(What could it be)… I hope we get these releases anytime.


Hope it’s part of the big announcement in January. Wonder if it’s only an online release.


Idk, but the main thing is that it appears, that’s enough for me.


Part of the expansion pass perhaps?
Either way I’m getting these without second hesitation





Me too! At least 2 Hitman games with a Platinum to unlock.


It sounds like a remake of C47, Hitman Silent Assassin and Contracts for me.


Naaah. They will never do Hitman Codename 47.
They didn’t even bother to bring it to playstation 2. I’m sorry @MrOchoa


It is still possible, but unlikely that IO will do it.
I don’t get why Blood Money is not a part of the Hd enhanced collection… hmmm


I interpreted that the Enhanced Collection is just Blood Money and Absolution in a single pack.


That would be sad, because I also want Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and Contracts. I like them more than Absolution and Blood Money.


BM and Absolution makes sense because there was some news recently about those being re-rated in a specific country - probably for individual digital sale.


i know this has been brought up before, but i would not mind a “greatest hits DLC” where they take one level from every game and remake it for HITMAN 2


The more Hitman the better! I’d love for them to release updated versions of the older games.


If you read the other page rated games next to it, it is only rated on PS4 and Xbox One for Absolution and Blood Money so the Collection is simply a double pack of BM and Absolution most likely.