Blood Money and Absolution Remaster


Get me to play Absolution? Fine but IO need to do check the following from my criterion.

  1. Get rid of the film grain and film effects. You were not a grind-house movie and you never will be. Be a fucking video game

  2. Get rid of the overzealous enforcer system. Seriously Super-Cops are just as bad as Super-Ninjas

  3. Uh get rid of any levels where men (or women) are not hit.

  4. Have every swear be replaced by a squeaking rubber duck. Swear does not make you cool. Muscle cars and leather that is cool.

  5. Mute Blake Dexter every time he talks or make him speak in a chipmunk voice.

  6. Tone down the gore this is a game about a classy hitman not a Giallo/Splatterhouse double feature.

  7. No dark sarcasm in the class room! How do I have me pudding when I don’t eat me meat?

  8. Make 47’s face not look like a 40’s Adventure movie idol prop. Oh and make sure he wears his suit the entire game.

  9. Cut down on the bloom. Lighting is set to thermonuclear every time

  10. Enable a Jack Teal mode that fixes the story by getting ride of all the cutscenes and mission briefings. Yes that is my first name, my surname is a fake.

  11. Make sure Hope is in Texas. You kept saying this blatantly Texan town was in South Dakota and you insulted my intelligence and you insult South Dakota.

  12. Give me a ten percent cut of any profits since I fixed your whack-ass game for you IO.


A remake of Blood Money would be great. It already has a remastered version in 720p on the PS3, so it would simply be a port.

A remastered of Absolution would be nice, if it’s free for those who bought H1 or H2, otherwise I don’t really care as I still have my PS3 and can still play it.


I’d be more excited to learn of a Blood Money Remaster of a different kind…



It sounds great to me. What I want to know is, will we be able to play absolution online just like before. Because if we can I’ll buy it tonight!

Looking at the expansion pack and the remaster.


The Contracts/online features have been removed for this “remastered” version.


Loved every second of it. Get on my level IO :wink:
Hope to see C47 and H2 and Contracts come to PS4 so I can complete the set :smiley:

My First and Second World First Platinums. Glad to see it was these bad bois.



Nope. IO tried to see if they could continue but they couldn’t. It’s still a possibility in the future but money to use would be near pointless. I miss selecting outfits and weapon attachments :frowning: