Blood Money (Custom Contracts)

Back in the day before Contracts mode was a thing players would make their own Custom Contracts for the games. So the idea was usually you’d include the actual level targets so you could finish the level & then add your own.

The details would be written in text form giving descriptions of the targets or names if available.

Recently I’ve had an urge to do some of these in Blood Money specifically but can’t find many on the Web & there’s just one thread I’ve found on here with one Custom Contract.
(Though there is a thread for Hitman 2 Silent Assassin fan made contracts which is cool)

Anyone know where I can find some for Blood Money or does someone have any of their own?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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This sounds interesting, so in theory the custom contract would be main targets plus other npcs or objectives?

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20 bloody characters

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There’s one on this forum that includes killing the cameraman in a vintage year for instance :slight_smile:

Edit :Basically it was contracts mode before contracts mode which is actually where the idea for such a mode came from. Fans creating their own contracts because they had played the missions over & over

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I received a link to a Google Drive, managed by forum user @F61Wolf. He’s a wonderful guy who undertook the archiving of all custom mission created on the old version of Hitmanforum, and this for the first four Hitman games (Codename 47, Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money).
I’m not familiar enough with google drive to know if I can share that same link (security and privacy issues and all that), but if you want I can also email you the documents I downloaded. The tag of F61Wolf I did might also bring him here, who knows.
In any case, the good news for now is that the stuff you’re looking for still exists :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help @Franz
Looking forward to getting stuck into these :slight_smile:

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Not Blood Money but while searching I found this & Damn if it doesn’t need to be shared.
All Swat members in Asylum Aftermath (Hitman Contracts) Eliminated with the Fiberwire, No Alerts :slight_smile:

P. S Not sure if this is @F61Wolf work but it’s awesome regardless


Back when I was first playing BM, I liked to wipe out every bird-suited person in Murder of Crows. The way I see it, the operation cannot be allowed to continue period and any surviving members are a risk and a liability (at least enough of one to justify the concept lol). This means all main targets, all guards at Purayah’s HQ and the one guy at the motel with the hookers.


I just sent the files to @xstraightedgedavex !

I’ll go ahead and post one I remember quite vividly. Unfortunately, the images weren’t saved with it, but I remeber having a lot of fun with this mission:

Made by a forum member called “dark” (he made the best ones)

Big Brother

Difficulty Setting: Any (Pro Reccomended)


-Assassinate Vinne Sinistra

-Retrieve the Microfilm

-Optional : Assassinate Mr. Lombardi



Your next assignment is in California - ‘Vinnie Sinistra’ is a retired mobster who is planning to give evidence against his former friends at the end of this week - our client does not want him to make it to the witness box. Our client is also concerned about a piece of Microfilm that Vinnie has in his possession, and wants it retrieved.

Assassinate Vinnie Sinistra:

In return for his court appearance and promised testamony, Vinnie has been put into the FBI’s witness protection programme. This means there will be FBI agents crawling all over his house - however, this is only a minor problem in comparison with Vinnie’s own security arrangements. Paranoid about the possibility of an attempt on his life due to his court appearance, he has hired some extra protection. Sinistra has turned over a huge amount of his funds to the government, in return for which they are keeping one of their surviellance satellites watching his house until his court appearance. We have managed to intercept the images being broadcast by the satellite - using these we have been able to determine exactly how much of the area is being watched.

Here, images of the satellite reach are omitted. I remember that most of the house and garden were off-limits, apart from a small portion of the garage and whatever’s to the left of that garage. You could also enter the children’s room.

As you can see, there are some blind spots in and around the property - if and how you utilise these is up to you. The heatvision on the satellite will pick up activity inside the house, so don’t think that you will be safe from it in there. You are free to enter and walk around the street that the satellite image covers, as it’s public anyway. However, you cannot enter any of the areas of Vinnie’s property that it covers, or you will be picked up. That means any area the satellite watches in the house or garden is out of bounds. Also, any kind of violence will be noticed - you many not sedate or close combat kill anyone if you are standing within viewing of the satellite. You won’t even be able to hold a weapon if the satellite can see you - we notice they’ve already been keeping tabs on a child’s air rifle in a nearby garden, so they will no doubt be able to spot a weapon being used. Our client does however wish to stress that it should be clear that Sinistra was murdered, so to encourage others not to turn as he did. Be sure to make sure Sinistra’s death cannot be interpreted as an accident.

Retrieve the Microfilm:

Sorry, but we are quite clueless as to where this might be. Apparently Sinistra took it into the property with him and hasn’t left, so it must be in there somewhere. Finding it and retrieving it may be a near impossible task given that practically all of the house is out of bounds, but we’re confident you will find a way to acquire it.

(New) Optional Objective - Assassinate Mr. Lombardi:

We have found an opportunity for you to cover your tracks if you wish. Since the occupation of his house by FBI agents, Sinistra’s daughter has taken a liking to one of them, much to his annoyance. Details on FBI agents are very difficult to come by, but we know the man in question is called ‘Mr. Lombardi’, and he patrols the upper floor of the house, taking particular interest in young miss Sinistra’s bedroom. It is widely known that Vinnie strongly dislikes him, and it’s fair to assume that the feeling is mutual. In his days as a mobster, Vinnie gained a reputation for using poison to dispose of his enemies - a coward by nature, he would slip it into their food and be well out of the way by the time they died. It’s the perfect setup - Sinistra is shot, and the man with a forbidden love for his daughter is found dead, killed in Sinistra’s signature fashion. If you can find a way to poison Lombardi whilst managing to avoid the satellite, the investigation into the hit may be an open and shut case - a reasonable conclusion would be that Lombardi planned the hit on Sinistra, and Sinistra poisoned him in anticpation of this (but the effects came on too late). The police are fond of easy explanations such as this, it saves them doing any real work.


Once Sinistra is dead and you have the microfilm, you may leave the suburb via the entrance gate.

The specifications:

You already know your main setback - the sattelite, and the restrictions it brings. No violence or equipping weapons in the satellite’s view range, and not entering any of Vinnie’s property that is being watched. To be sure that this is interpereted as a hit on Sinstra and not a killing spree, the client has specified that Sinistra must be the only ‘kill’ (unless you choose to also poison Lombardi). If you really feel the need to dispose of any other people, make sure that you make thier deaths look like accidents. Make sure you cannot be seen causing the accident in view of the satellite though! Do not change your clothes either - the process of undressing someone would leave far too many prints on them, and given that Sinistra has to be clearly murdered, we’d appreciate it if you kept the evidence to a minimum.

Your statistics should read like this:

Total Kills: 1/2

Shots Fired: Any amount

Shots Hit: 0/1

Close Combat Kills: 0-2

Accidents: Any Amount

Head Shots: 0/1

Bodies Found: Any Amount

Covers Blown: 0

Witnesses: 0

Caught on Camera: No

Saves : As many as your chosen difficulty allows


^Big Thanks to @Franz for helping me out with these & @F61Wolf for archiving them.

Exactly what I was looking for

Good to see stuff like this from the old games isn’t lost to time :slight_smile:

Silly me, if you click on @F61Wolf profile he’s got a link to a Google document containing all custom contracts from C47, Silent Assassin, Contracts & Blood Money if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

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Played this one (On Expert) which was a lot of fun.
It took me a few hours as well as a few tries but I figured out a good route that worked with the restrictions I was given of 2 headshots & 1 lethal poison with no use of the fibre wire or no bodies found. A particular hinderence was having blood pools spotted but I got there in the end.

Posted the pictures of my results at the bottom :slight_smile:

Zapp- Desperately in Love

Posted 01 August 2006 - 09:12 AM

Desperately in love

Location: A New Life


Hello, 47. It’s time for your next assignment. Your target this time is Vinnie Sinistra and some of his undercover henchmen. Today he’ll be having a party for his daughter, so his agents will be undercover. Sinistra is also under protection of the FBI so be careful, 47. Our client wants Sinistra and his henchmen dead because he’s furious about Vinnie taking his wife from him. Also take the necklace Vinnie’s wife will probably be wearing. It contains a microfilm that our client wants, because there is a video on it with his ex-wife and him in action and he doesnt want it to get out in de the open. Sedate his ex-wife to get the microfilm, do NOT kill her. Also, our client doesnt want any non-targets to get killed or sedated. His other 5 henchmen that have to be killed are Eric Frasier, Matt Buncher, Ron Kaleton, Patrick Brompton and Kyle Cordes. And as always, make sure you’re not caught on camera and leave no witnesses.

Good luck, 47.


  • Kill Vinnie Sinistra

  • Kill Eric Frasier

  • Kill Matt Buncher

  • Kill Ron Kaleton

  • Kill Patrick Brompton

  • Kill Kyle Cordes

  • Sedate Vinnie’s wife

  • Retrieve the microfilm

Target information:

Vinnie Sinistra: Vinnie is a big sports fan, he couldn’t live without his TV and gets very angry at his guards if something’s wrong with it.

Eric Frasier: He’s working as an undercover agent for Vinnie. He’ll probably be wearing a clowns suit, and making the guards laugh.

Matt Buncher: Matt is also working as an undercover agent. He’s known as the poolboy.

Ron Kaleton: And again an undercover agent. He’s running around the neighborhood as a jogger and keeping an eye on the civilians.

Patrick Brompton: He’s is spying on the civilians houses for Vinnie as a garbage man. Make sure you don’t confuse him with the other garbage man standing near the garbage truck.

Kyle Cordes: Kyle is the co?rdinator of the security in Vinnie’s house and neighberhood. His cover is working as a caterer.

Vinnie’s wife: She’ll probably be walking around the pool area and in the house in a bikini, because she loves to swim and wear as less clothes as possible.


  • All of your targets bodies may not be found

  • Don’t kill or sedate anyone other than the targets.

  • You may not fire more than 2 shots with a silenced Silverballer

  • If you would shoot, those 2 shots have to be headshots.

  • Firewire may not be used.

  • Mines may not be used, because then there will arrive armed backup.

  • Only 1 poison syringe and 1 sedative syringe may be used.


Total Kills: 6

Shots Fired: 2

Shots Hit: 2

Close combat kills: 3

Accidents: 0

Head Shots: 2

Bodies Found: 0

Covers Blown: 0

Witnesses: 0

Caught On Camera: No

Rating: Phantom Killer

This is my first custom mission, please tell me what you think of it :(.

My Results

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This is a good idea. Maybe soon we will play something like this (hinting) :grin: