Blood Money—Does it Hold Up?

So I’ve been playing the game recently—I’ve played through the whole game once and I’m currently replaying it now. I just finished Curtains Down for the second time and I’ve come to realize some reasons why I prefer Hitman 2 (2018) over it.

  1. I’m sure it was great technically in 2006, but it feels lacking today. The controls are off—hold the left stick to throw?—the graphics are clunky, and there are some QoL elements that should be present—you can’t hide bodies in closets, you can’t take disguises from hidden bodies, there’s no good way to KO compared to Hitman 2–you’ve got a two time use item and pistol whipping. I don’t really know, but I feel like Hitman 2 is so much more polished that this game feels pretty off. Keep in mind that I played 2016 and 2018 before blood money so this could be a big reason why I feel this way.
  2. Not very open-ended—I’ve heard that in 2006, this was really groundbreaking in a Hitman game for how many ways you could get the job done. But now I’m not entirely sure that that’s the case. After playing curtains down, I realized that there really is only one clean way to take down Richard delahunt and it’s pretty lame how it works like that. I noticed this later too for the clone target in the final mission and one of the targets in a dance with the devil. I guess you’re supposed to play these missions over and over like the reboots, but I really felt that some of these were just one time play levels.
    Those are my thoughts on how blood money holds up today. I think I’ll get a lot of hate since so many people think blood money is the best game, but personally I couldn’t see why people loved it so much. I felt the same way with other classics like Ocarina of Time, and Perfect Dark, but Blood money is the one where I feel like I’m the only one who can’t grasp why the game is so great.
    Share thoughts and ideas below, just don’t criticize others opinions, just share yours.

It still holds up for my taste. It has lots of elements that you can find in the new game but this also applies to older games. I think H2 combines lots of great ideas that the previous games couldn’t implement at it’s full potential because of hardware limitations but that’s no longer an issue.


Story it’s still better in my humble opinion.


No hate, your main thought is absolutely true. I started from Codename 47 when other games did not exist yet and played in all parts as they were released. Blood Money was awesome in 2006, but today it’s too outdated. People who do not recognize this are simply too blinded by nostalgia and their feelings when this game (amazing for those times) just went on sale.
The only thing is that someone might like the war with a rival organization more than the story about the Illuminati. But this is a matter of taste, and hints about a secret world government were in the old games.

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To be fair, when has Hitman ever had a good story? It never has.

well C47 and Silent Assassin. and then it just went downhill from there


No doubt, I enjoyed those plots (C47 & H2:SA), and I’ll even say that H2:SA had the best plot of all of the Hitman games, but IMHO they all still were a jumbled mess - just like how they are today.

Yes it does, i think, obviously each game has got better and better (maybe minus Absolution), I would say it’s aged well and still playable, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is probably one i don’t really enjoy playing (slow crouch, guards always detect etc) and Contracts i’m not good enough to do Suit Only but in Blood Money I can, so i enjoy it, i would say it doesn’t need a remake or anything, whereas 2:SA and Contracts probably could do with one

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Never did answer the actual question (apologies folks).

Yes, Blood Money absolutely holds up today.

For me is BM the weakest Title in the Series. i loved it when it came out but i cant play this game anymore. The Controls are a god damn mess; pressing the left stick to throw things feels very off and i overall dont like the UI and other Controls at all. it also has that terrible Ring Menu that interupts the Gameplay everytime you select an item. Codename 47 and Absolution had the best Menu Styles, quick and not interrupting at all. In SA at least you had the choice of uding that damn pause menu or you just can hold one button down and scroll through your inventory without pausing the damn Game.

The Levels… oh god the Levels, almost half of them are Shit. They are bland, boring and full of NPCs who would set Twitter on Fire if they were in a today’s Game. Death of a Showman and the Mississippi Missions are just cringe inducing.

The Music: i think the Soundtrack is fine, but its definitely not as good as C47, SA and Contracts.

The Story: its kinda boring but overall i like how the Interview narrates your Missions. Jack is full of shit tho.

And lastly: i dont like how hyped that game is, by many fans and even IO: most of the references to older Games in HITMAN and H2 are nods to Blood Money.


Not only does Blood Money hold up it’s the best game in the entire franchise.


Blood Money is barely below the most recent games and barely above Absolution in quality, and leagues beyond the first three games. It’s story was simple but did not pervade every mission in the game. The controls were the very up to that time, unless you’re playing it on PC, in which case that’s your error; don’t blame the game. And, it had 47 at his most dry and lacking in fucks to give. Still awesome to this day, beaten by the most recent games by an infernal hair.

The worst thing about it is Death of the Showman. Because it’s pain to run through this mission after every new created profile.
Don’t give a f about controls, I’m on PC
Story was good enough for me. I liked how politics were implemented through the newspapers, and then directly in gameplay with killing VP. And the Requiem plot twist…
Gameplay and missions are great, but can be annoying sometimes, yeah. Still better than SA and Contracts

I loved how they did the newspaper mechanic, where post mission it broke down how good you did, and depending on how stealthy you were, there would be a sketch that looked more and more like 47. I would love to see that again.
Other than that, seriously the controls just ruin it for me now, too spoiled by H1 and H2. When replaying BM, I end up struggling more with controls than actual game difficulty

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The only reason I don’t play Blood Money anymore is because I played it obsessively for ten years and by this point know every map and guard route too well. Even after a couple year break it comes back to me pretty quickly.

Gameplay wise I think it still stands up though, naturally moving from modern Hitman back to it you’re going to notice all the improvements that are missing but it’s still a quality game. There’s a few neat features I miss from it too, like civilians picking up guns and playing hero, and taking hostages - staging a fatal fall accident is best when you can walk your target to their demise at gunpoint.

I agree, but in Blood Money, NPCs do react to blood pools, and human shield, and weapon customizions, and you can kinda turn off lights and hide in the shadows? And oh! Proper sniper rifles animations.

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I haven’t played Blood Money since I got my PlayStation 3 but I still remember every inch of every map and exactly how the gameplay goes. It definitely doesn’t even come close to the games we have now. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great game for its time but the thing that most people fail to understand is that its time has past. Hitman has only gotten better since (if we’re allowed to enthusiastically “forget” that Absolution exists).

The story was good (this one is better), the various kill methods were good (these ones are better), the graphics were good (these ones are better) and the level design was good (these ones are better).

For its time, it was the perfect game. Today, it pales in comparison…

except for the Sniper Rifle assembly animation.

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Blood Money is my second-least favourite game in the franchise

Which one is the first?

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Codename 47

20 characters

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