Blueberry Muffin Themed Escalation? (with Muffin unlock)

They fall to the ground, but aren’t knocked out

Do muffins break upon impact when thrown or can you pick them up again?

Muffins break if they are shot at or thrown at a locked-onto NPC, but you can thrown them around like coins as much as you like

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I know that it’s possible, but how do you go about killing someone with an apple, cheeseburger, etc.?

47 can make anything a lethal weapon. That’s why he’s the best. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Did you know that you could kill with muffins, apples, burgers and other throwable things that don’t knock out npcs
Discoverd by otoan402 and @White-Half

Gif is from @immadummee47


You can test it out in a contract on pc made by @Urben
Link to Urbens post

You can test it out in a contract on ps4 made by @White-Half

You can test it out in a contract on xbox made by @Euler13

It’s because they have 0 health. You can knock them out with items that knock npcs out but they’ll die if you throw an item that’ll lower their health lol


Interesting that only these melee weapons lower an NPCs health

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I’ve made my point why I don’t agree with this point, but you know what, I’m not here to start another argument.

Then why did you post that comment…?

If you have a valid point, arguing with you will only make @immadummee47 look stupid. An argument can only arise if one of you has an invalid point, but try and defend it as if it wasn’t

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im actually kinda sad that the muffin has no wrapper (around the base). it would have been a cute little detail



Now that you mention it, it does look a bit odd. Considering how cutesy the rest of Helen’s stuff is, you’d think her muffins would have, like, polka dot cases or summat


Im just adding to this

If you’re bypassing someone but don’t want to knock them out because they would be found.
Throwing it at someone while you’re out of sight won’t get you crime noticed and won’t get you body found.
That’s 2 good uses, there are more.

It’s simple If anyone doesn’t agree or see the potenital of an item that’s a non-ko throwable item being an unlockable then don’t use it.
We are many that find it to be very useful and want it as an unlockable

I also want to add this, this was about making the snowball non-ko but the the topic turned became to why having a throwable non-ko item in the inventory is good.


Yeah but let’s not forget there homemade right?

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Muffin/cupcake wrappers are available to buy in large quantities and I’m pretty sure that most people who homebake use them anyway


Haha naaaa man not having that if your baking to sell or for a party there straight out the oven onto the plate not a wrapper in site! I know a man for this debate let’s ask @Chef-assassin !

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You may not like my answer but I use them. Keeps the muffin pans clean so you can rebake with little to no effort. Especially when your baking enough for a whole community. Lol.

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Yes, let’s. Laughs evilly as the cupcake wrappers around him begin to glow

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But the real question is… do you accidentally posion your neighbours with said muffins?

What neighbors??? They are no more.

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Huh. I swear the last time I used it I got compromised. Well, I guess you’re right ¯_(ツ)_/¯