Body Bag Mode


Hello forum community. 47 should be having mode option for disguising in body bag. Human NPC player can dragging 47 body bag to security area. Also please adding option for dragging human body bag. Also 47 barcode, should being like option for tattoo sleeve, 47 can be put his barcode in side his case. If he wanting be hiding better, he put inside his sock. I killing mumbainese player NPC in Mumbai and human NPC player give dead mumbainese body bag. He drag to near door, but I shooting dragging person. The mumbainese body bag person is inside way of door. This big problem for how I am play. Trying to be silent assassin. But not be possible of human body bag player is not let door close. Not so awesome.




202020 times yes


Not that funny anymore tbh.



I kinda understand what you mean, it would be cool if we could do a Johnny English for 47 and bring body bags in our loadout to disguise as and then get dragged to the security room. That would be sorta fun


Great idea for map with lots and lots of stairs.


At the very least be able to drag body bags, but hiding in them would be awesome!

testing spoiler


I don’t think that 47 would enjoy having his head slammed against every step of stairs. :rofl:


He is enhanced human. He not care.