Body found / Corpse Found


So I’ve been wondering lately if we could have a feature in the game that would add more details and specify if the body that was found was pacified or dead.

Now, I know someone is going to say that’ll make the game too easy cough … cough … @Fortheseven cough … cough … . But this could be also an opportunity to make your contracts better.

For example, if I’m in Sapienza and I kill someone in the church, and pacify a person in the lab, and I’m already at the mansion entrances and it says body found, It will confuse me as to which body was found, and this is going to take a lot of time which would annoy you, making you rage, which would heighten your blood pressure, which would give you diseases, which would give you depression, which will kill you over time.

Nah, but joking aside we could have this as an optional feature in options which could be turned into full, minimal or off mode


Body found and corpse found appear on screen


Only body found appears on screen


Well, it’s obvious isn’t it ?

So let me know what you guys think.


It’s very situational, tbh


I think it would be interesting, although this is not a priority. Maybe some others things like it ? Like “accident noticed” (or something said way better) when someone sees a target falling, instead of body found.


I know, it’s just a small suggestion, not really a major topic


I understand, but it would be nice to have that


I see your point of view. I have even added this same idea to the classic Hitman games before


it was present in silent assassin as well, it would say the guards have found a dead bodyguard or a knocked out bodyguard


This situation is present in the game but only works with a body of a NPC that has been knocked out with the sedative vial (blue bottle) that you unlock in Sapienza. If you dispose of the NPC getting close to the body before they reach it and start the animation of investigating it, it won’t count against you and you keep your NO Bodies Found bonus.


That’s really useful to know, now I might start using the sedative vial