Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD

Landslide will take place in Sapienza and the target will be Marco Abiatti, a corrupt politician running for mayor.

Landslide takes you back to Sapienza, where the sun is about to set and the locals have gathered for the Sapienza Festival del Paese. A concert is planned in the piazza near the harbour and the Main Square has been transformed into a marketplace. Your target is Marco Abbiati, a snake-tongued wealthy businessman-turned-politician who is returning to his hometown to run for mayor.

‘Landslide’ will be available at no extra cost for owners of The Complete First Season / Upgrade Pack.It will also be included in The ‘Bonus Episode’ (formerly called Summer Bonus Episode), which will be made available for individual purchase on January 31st. The Bonus Episode includes 3 bonus missions: ‘The Icon’, ‘A House Built on Sand’ and ‘Landslide’. The Bonus Episode is included with disc copies of HITMAN as downloadable content.

The leaked briefing (may be outdated):

Good evening, 47. Your destination is Sapienza, Italy. Your target is Marco Abiatti, a wealthy businessman returning to his hometown to run for mayor. A snake-tongued, right-wing populist with mafia ties and money to burn, Abiatti is already comfortably ahead in the polls. However, beneath his silk suits, Abiatti is a callous thug, and organized crime is certain to follow in his wake. Our client, the renowned bioengineer Silvio Caruso, sees Abiatti as a threat, not just to his ancestral town, but the entire country, and he has asked us to dispose of this would-be patrician. I will leave you to prepare.


This is great I was hoping we would see some more missions beyond the bonus pack :smile:


This is actually very awesome news. Hopefully it will be something completely new and not an day/night time variant of another mission. Really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


A third bonus episode? Don’t you mean a second? The Sapienza/Marrakesh reskins are the first, yeah?

  1. Sapienza
  2. Marrakesh
  3. N/A

Oh I see. I thought Sapienza/Marrakesh was one single bonus episode.

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It may be accurate to call it one “pack”, but they’re on separate maps, and different contracts/missions, so they stand alone in that sense. Apparently we’re getting another bonus mission from what it sounds like later on.

It’s just more of their unbelievably confusing marketing. They said summer bonus will combine with a 3rd MISSION, not 3rd episode later in the season. So there are 2 missions in the summer bonus and a 3rd bonus mission will come later.

Trying to keep everyone from interchanging missions, maps, episodes and locations is almost impossible even though they are all very different.


So maybe I wasn’t twisted when I bought this game, maybe I truly had clear eyes and knew to buy the full package.


What? so the summer bonus episode is not 1 but it’s 2? it’s 2 in 1? like episodes? not episode? i’m getting more and more confused about the episode release model… :upside_down: i give up trying to understand all this… focus ingrobny focus on elusive targets and escalations, at least you know the release cycle on those…

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Editing title to avoid confusion.


Yes, the summer episode is also considered the seventh episode even though it’s the 4th episode released but it is not episode 4 because they already said the bonus episode is being released BETWEEN episode 3 and 4 and calling it a bonus is a stretch since the said a 7th was added prior to game release and is not anymore free than any other episode.

WHEW!!! Did you get all that? Not confusing at all, right? :joy:


LOL oh my god… i think my head will explode… this is just a huge mess…


But what about this extra episode that’s now announced on top of the bonus episodes that was the fake 7th episode? Does that count as the 8th episode, even though the 8th episode doesn’t even exist so is it the 4.5th episode that doesn’t get dropped in between the real 3rd and 4th episodes but towards the end?

All I can take from this is 2 Extra Episodes + 1 Extra Episode = 3 Extra Episodes.
3 Extra Episodes
3 Sides to a Triangle
3 Extra Episodes = Triangle
Triangle = Illuminati


That was hilarious. But it’s still wrong. You said “2 ex eps + 1 ex ep” but it’s 2 bonus MISSIONS in 1 bonus episode plus 1 bonus MISSION later with no word on whether that will be a 2nd bonus episode or combined with one of the future (4-6) episodes. Whew!

All I know is I preordered the full game but stopped playing shortly after Sapienza and whatever they do between now and the end of the season, I don’t really care. It’ll be there by the time I pick it back up at the end of the year. Probably. I think. Well maybe. I hope. Possibly. Ugh! My brain hurts.


Oh no. We all know that SE and IOI choose their words carefully :wink:

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So you’re saying all this confusion and controversy is all part of their carefully calculated master plan to keep us on our toes? :sweat_smile: It’s certainly causing a lot of discussion.

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Just to piss us all off. If they earn a tiny amount of money and get a huge amount of controversy for it, I can see it being reverted. Look at E3 2013 Xbox :wink:


They wanted to win the Piss the hitmanforum off in 1 sentence, and they did.


I think it’s what’s left from the original announcement: six missions across 3 locations