Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD

Maybe because of “Unconscious Witness” UI change at the same time (introduced in 1.9.0 game update), I think this issue was an side effect of this change. Evil isn’t everywhere you know. And if it was really intentional, IOI would not have corrected it a month later, remember all past nerfs.


I don’t think they are evil. That’s going a bit far. Sadistic maybe, but not evil. I’ve met a few of the devs and they were lovely.

Maybe they realised what a huge mistake they made

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. it’s not worth discussing. All i’m saying is I don’t know if it was intentional or not. You can believe it wasn’t, and that’s fine. But i’m on the fence.

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SSA/SO, long-distance kill one shot fired. At the expense of poor Franceso.


Landslide | Silent Sniper Assassin | Suit Only | !KO | Long Distance | Jaeger Lancer

SA Electrocution Trap with 47 roleplaying as attending the rally.

Is there any reason I can’t poision albetti’s wine at the bar where the note says it’s resrrved for him? All the other wine glasses can be poisoned apart from his? I’ve tried it in the waiter disguise also it just won’t work.

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I believe you need to be on the inside of the bar to poison it, doesn’t work from the customer side.


This is it. I remember it from when I first played Landslide.


Ahhh thanks guys! I’ll give this a try @rattleshnake @Bending_Cheese67 :+1:t2:


This kill still works in HITMAN 2

But I’m planning an updated version of this kill using the Tasers. :slight_smile:

So here it is! The HITMAN 2 edition of my alternate Stage Fried solution:

Apparently once Proximity Taser is tripped it fires charges endlessly until it is picked up or consumed in an electrocution kill or explosion.

In this one I hide it in the water tank and just let it go off until it’s time to break the water tank open.


Using the new Phone Unlock, I went from #11,000 to #18 Globally! I’m sure others can improve most stages with this new weapon.


Sorry for the bump, but I have to ask… how would you normally find the car key in this mission? I like discovering things for myself so I spent a good hour or more wandering around the map looking for it. I took out people I thought might logically have it, I looked in every bathroom stall and empty store. Finally I gave up and googled it and… it was on some random cook? Was there ANY hint that’s where it was? I feel like this was the first challenge where I have no idea how I would have ever solved it myself.

The boat key just sitting on the ground it weird too, but at least you can find it normally.

Just wondering if I missed something.

The chef has the key.
He’s near the toilets on the square in front of Caruso’s mansion.

I guess those who found it just been killing everyone on the map and accidentally stumble on it.
But you know… Maybe someone heard some dialogue…
Diana in tutorials says that other people’s talks may contain some useful info.
Maybe someone on the map talks about that key, somebody heard it and volia

Yeah I found it before I posted thanks to Google. I’m more just asking if there was any hint at all that’s where it was, because otherwise I can only assume you were meant to find it in a wacky knock everyone out run.

Actually, there is a hint to this one. If you stand in the area there is an NPC visually and verbally looking for them.

I wrote this way back in the day, so unless I was lying there is a clue to the car key. Now that you know the guy has the key, why not go hang out with him a bit and see if he tells you about his sweet ride? :wink:

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Yeah, maybe he talks to some customers about it. I’ll probably check because I’m really curious how you’re supposed to know. Guess next time I’m hunting for keys I should listen as well as look. :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I’m still looking the keys to some doors in Miami, including keys to gates near tunnels entrance and helipad gates.
I think I’ve searched everywhere, but nothing found.
There are also locked doors to trucks area and to green garage. But no keys to them.
And if there is a locked door, there should be a key to it

As far as i know, there are no keys to the helipad door.

The cook who has the car key speaks to a pretty young lady about it. He even tells her where it’s parked. It’s a scripted conversation that happens when you get close to them.