Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD

I wrote bonus mission.

And sure it’s a choice of personal taste what (bonus) mission is the best.
But Im not the typ of a guy who’s defending free shit, just because it’s free. And after playing the great “Landslide” mission, that shows us all how great an alternate level can look like, it’s just disapointment for me to play a bonus mission that is just set in the evening.

All the bonus missions suffer from the same huge flaw: Only 1 starting location.
Kills replayability and is the reason those maps barely get played compared to the 6 main ones.


That is true, I think that it wouldn’t even be that much effort for them to add in maybe two more starting locations, even if they ones where you started in a suit. Like making it so you could start in your apartment in Landslide would be nice (this could make some strategies very easy though, such as getting sniper assassin.).

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Landslide - Sniping Town Hall Chandelier


Have I missed something all this time? I didn’t think you could smack someone across the face for a knockout and still get SA.

Yes. There was a small period where it was patched out (we don’t know if it was intentional or not) but otherwise it’s been like that since the beginning.

it was not intentional, they fixed this issue (introduced with January 31st 2017 1.9.0 update) a month later with the march update (1.10.0).

Scoring Adjustment
We’ve fixed an issue where the ‘Never Spotted’ bonus was not awarded in certain cases.

Which is lovely, but I don’t believe they didn’t remove it intentionally in the first place.

Funny that legshots also got ‘broken’ in the same patch.

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Maybe because of “Unconscious Witness” UI change at the same time (introduced in 1.9.0 game update), I think this issue was an side effect of this change. Evil isn’t everywhere you know. And if it was really intentional, IOI would not have corrected it a month later, remember all past nerfs.


I don’t think they are evil. That’s going a bit far. Sadistic maybe, but not evil. I’ve met a few of the devs and they were lovely.

Maybe they realised what a huge mistake they made

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. it’s not worth discussing. All i’m saying is I don’t know if it was intentional or not. You can believe it wasn’t, and that’s fine. But i’m on the fence.

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SSA/SO, long-distance kill one shot fired. At the expense of poor Franceso.


Landslide | Silent Sniper Assassin | Suit Only | !KO | Long Distance | Jaeger Lancer

SA Electrocution Trap with 47 roleplaying as attending the rally.

Is there any reason I can’t poision albetti’s wine at the bar where the note says it’s resrrved for him? All the other wine glasses can be poisoned apart from his? I’ve tried it in the waiter disguise also it just won’t work.

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I believe you need to be on the inside of the bar to poison it, doesn’t work from the customer side.


This is it. I remember it from when I first played Landslide.


Ahhh thanks guys! I’ll give this a try @rattleshnake @Bending_Cheese67 :+1:t2:


This kill still works in HITMAN 2

But I’m planning an updated version of this kill using the Tasers. :slight_smile:

So here it is! The HITMAN 2 edition of my alternate Stage Fried solution:

Apparently once Proximity Taser is tripped it fires charges endlessly until it is picked up or consumed in an electrocution kill or explosion.

In this one I hide it in the water tank and just let it go off until it’s time to break the water tank open.


Using the new Phone Unlock, I went from #11,000 to #18 Globally! I’m sure others can improve most stages with this new weapon.