Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


No, seems like it’s their side going by Twitter. In the process of being fixed I think. :pensive:


That sounds great! But did you check if the scripted events work without 47’s interference in other missions as well?


There’s a very fast way to do it, if you’re just looking for quick time (a minute or less).


It’s a fast SA/SO at least. It’s faster to exit at the normal exit though.


GuLe already has under a min. 56 iirc


This mission represent how my country is fucked, politicaly speaking. A mafia guy that wanna be a mayor… Pff we have half (if not almost all) politicans corrupted inside the government. IOI have done a great job in this bonus mission, also they recreated very well all the little shops in the streets, the feeling of this people that you have around, the music everything. Very good job! :slight_smile:

Also there are easter eggs. I think one of this is big, not sure at 100%.


They reused the Paris music again


Here’s my second run of Landslide Thart works as a walkthrough for one of the challenges :wink: (not SA)
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You bastards. I just got to work.


Streaming landslide here


Good mission but the servers are totally broken. Got kicked out of it 5 times…


Professional mode is amazing. Actually true to the Hitman mechanics and realistic. Good job. Why use dual ballers as the logo though :confused:


Clickbait logo? :confused:


Yeah unless there’s something secret


Maybe when we use the big one for the first time, either the breifcase or dual ballers will unlock :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:?


This feels a bit like the original episodic launch all over again. :joy:

e: Fix if you haven’t seen it @Jose_Hernandez @XBbrethren


I spoke much too soon in saying the menus were faster.
Being in offline mode was the reason menus were so zippy.
Online is just as sluggish as ever. (Ranging anywhere from 3 to 7 seconds between screens.)


Is anyone else having problems connecting to the server?


I’d say we should be expecting server issues over the next few days. This is release day (again).


I’ve had to reconnect at least 3 different times when the game attempted to autosave.