Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


They kind of applied that change in Hokkaido. And I love it. Man, Season 2 can’t come soon enough


Stream is back up now trying professional




Okay, looks like I’ve missed a lot. Muting this thread and the help thread until I get to play. Looks like the servers are being clunky, which isn’t surprising since the fan base has probably almost doubled.


That lawyer sure is paranoid. He even taped a gun under his desk just in case of that kind of situation. Now if only it was silenced and actually played cool enough to make Abiatti send off guards, I’m sure 47 wouldn’t be even needed. Although killing Abiatti as lawyer with that reference to Joker and his magic trick from The Dark Knight is fun too. Especially with 47’s oneliner “I’ll pass” at the end.


Only got to play for a few minutes before getting ready for work. The level is re-done in a beautiful way. The streets are vibrant. It will be fun to have more time with it and really learn all the possibilities.

I’m a fan from 6 mins of play though.


Really easy Suit only SA


This is my favorite mission so far, atmosphere wise (sure I’ll probably wake up and realize Hokkaido is definitely better. The use of the lawyer office is excellent but the use of the church is even better still. Fantastic bonus level. This game is the best 60 bucks I ever spent.


Thanks, @Ed_ll3. You are a life saver.

It says, “We are aware of an issue that prevents some Xbox One players from launching the game after updating to the latest version of the game”. However, most people are still asleep or at work and I’ve been getting messages from my Xbox friends all asking the same, “Is Hitman crashing for you too?” I’d be surprised if it isn’t every single Xbox player. Was this tested on any Xbox consoles before launching it? A 17GB uninstall/re-install is pretty poor, @IoInteractive, to fix a problem with the patch that only seems to work for your new customers (new installs don’t have any problems) and completely breaks the game for your long standing loyal fan base. :disappointed:


Here’s the Sniper Assassin walkthrough :wink:



I just love how this ties into World of Tomorrow.

Diana’s briefing from World of Tomorrow - Silvio Caruso, a former client of ours. . .

And now we know what he hired the ICA for.


From toying around i think under 40 seconds is possible.


I just wish we had an Easter egg where we could trigger Caruso showing up. That would be fantastic.


where are those fucking keys of exits?


Giving him dialogue in the mission would have been cool


No worries. It was weird seeing all the FL icons pop on and off the game after every reload when the game first went back online. :laughing:

On 75% of the re-install now, so might be able to play it before the end of the evening. It looked lovely offline, and with a lot of contract-potential, so that’s something I guess. :slight_smile:


Unless it’s something like getting Pro mastery on all the story missions unlocks dual Ballers, which was kind of my original guess, I’m calling it either trolling or a marketing oversight.


I spent a good 30 minutes looking for them. Frankly, I don’t want anyone to tell me. I think it’ll be satisfying. At some point I started looking for people with clothes that were the same color as the car and the boat… No luck at all. I’m glad they’re hard to find. Sapienza is a beautiful place to lose your keys in haha.