Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


Fast non-explosive SA/SO


You could get some fantastic “narrative contracts” the priest and the lawyer come to mind right off the bat. Oh and the singer.


Seems like a landslide (ba dum tss) rolled over the town:


Apparently Dino Bosco was killed “a few years ago”.

The Icon --> 2016?
Landslide --> 2018?
World of Tomorrow --> 2019?


When do Italians have governor elections? That could help you figure it out.


Some NPCs in Landslide talk about how a doctor was called to Mama Caruso’s house recently. They don’t yet know that she’s dead, but the implication for us is that Silvio just killed her. So Landslide takes place around the same time as her death. Does anyone in World of Tomorrow say something about how long ago she died?


I could be completely wrong about this but I believe the hit literally takes place on her 1 year anniversary, that’s why he’s on edge.

@Jose_Hernandez idk if Italy even has governors.


I meant to say mayor. I’m guessing that’s what Abiatti is running for.


The car key is on one of the chef dressed guys working one of the food stalls in the square in front of the clock tower. If you stand around for a while he’ll tell someone about him having the keys on him.

I’m yet to find the boat keys, but I’m assuming it’s something similar, because I feel like I’ve checked all of the possible spots.


Boat keys are at the ground near the marco abiatti’s stand. (Church zone)


Ehm. You got something there buddy…


Here’s my SA speedrun of Landslide:


Silent Assassin / Suit Only in 30 seconds.


No I didn’t check the other mission, but I doubt that they’ve changed any of the previous opportunities. I think they would’ve mentioned something important like that in the patch notes.

And to be fair: There’s still a slight possibility that you have to be close to lawyers location to trigger the bodyguard and if you just stay away from the area they never find him - like the scientist lady in the church in World of Tomorrow who only starts her routine when you’re close by. I’ll probably test this in the next few days.


I found some NPCs near gelateria talking about Bosco’s death, so I guess that order is correct.


Yes, we have directly electing mayors since 1993. It’s the Prime Minister we don’t elect directly. So IOI it’s right. Usually elections are between april and june (this year they will be in my town), not in August as in Landslide, but this is a little detail.


I’m pretty sure 47 killed Caruso on the 2nd year anniversary of his mothers death.

(I’m pretty sure, but I could be wrong as well.)


There’s a discrepancy. Some stuff ingame says two years, some stuff says one. We should get some clarification on this :stuck_out_tongue:


is it possible to have the priest and the lawyer meet the target by themselves?


Has anyone managed to emetic poison him? Every time I try it has no effect on him…

Tried the syringe and putting it in his drink. :confused: