Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD



Play organs, when target is close


Either let guards find him (happens eventually), or become guard who finds him and escorts him

I put emetic vial one in his wine drink, he went vomit to toilet, no problem.


No speeding or running in this playthough but I just wanted to show off my new favorite kill of the Season. A nice way to wrap up Season 1 and now I can’t wait to replay it all on Professional.

My run clocks in at a bang average time but I condensed it all down into a 3 minute video for your viewing pleasure.


You guys found the hidden saber yet? :smiley:


Yeah, it’s inside the model ship in the lawyers office.


Does the Bohemian have anything to do with the target? Or was he just placed in the trailer?


So saber inside the ship, folding knife in display on top of drawer and gun taped under the desk. This just gets better and better. Just how much more paranoid can this lawyer get?


Not paranoid enough, considering the kind of person Marco Abiatti is.


Where are the keys to the car exit?


Bravuomo’s toupee just made my day


Okay, there are some serious bugs in this bonus episode. I just can’t seem to be able to drown the Italian Trump.

  • I put emetic poison in his wineglass at the bar, he drank it and just carried on his route. What’s up with that?
  • I seringed him during the lawyer opp and he goes on to vomit in the thrashcan next to the toilet. I tried several times to put a coin on the toiletrim but he stands next to the toilet facing the wall when picking it up meaning I can’t push him in the crapper…
  • I seringed him at the graves behind the church and he walkes down to the beach to vomit in the ocean. I subdued him and dragged him in the water. He dies but it’s a meleekill?

Really starting to annoy me. Especially the thrashcan and the coin pickup in the office. Can someone tell me how to get Hold My Hair please?


The chef with the red-white shirt at the market carries them.


I should’ve assumed that, but I was still surprised that you can use the pen on non-targets and snitches.


Best mission of Hitman 2016!
Semplicemente perfetta.


There is also a sedative syringe on the doctor Marco talks to.
Havent tested yet if it a sedated person contributes to “bodies found” yet though.


Has anyone managed to do the Guardian Assassin challenge, where you have to protect Father Francesco and finish Landslide? I can’t seem to get to trigger it: I’ve tried to snipe Abiatti, killed him up close and shoot him with my Silverballers when he meets with the Father and even when he’s about to throw him off, but it won’t unlock.


Have you saved him and then exited the level?


Yes, I shoot Abiatti (the priest freaks out despite me saving him) and then leave the level.


For me i waited until the last possible second to kill him. I was in the church tower standing in the stairway behind them as well. It unlocked for me when i did that and exited


Did the priest behave in a certain way, or did he just freak out when you saved him?


This is what I did and got it on my first shot…

Make them meet obviously the organ then head to the roof of your ICA hideout.

(It takes a LONG time till they meet at the top of bell tower)

But in the meantime, take out the two (KO) NPC’s on the roof. One is sitting in the chair and another on Rocco’s balcony. Once they are gone, get your sniper rifle and get in position.

(You will still at this point be waiting a good 5 minutes lol)

But once they meet at the bell tower and you have them in your sights, give it a few seconds and then snipe Marco. As long as nobody sees you rife the rifle obviously, you will be fine. Then exit.
This is exactly what I did and it unlocked no problems.