Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


Yeah, he freaked out after Marco died but i dont think he saw me pull the trigger


Thank you for the detailed description - I decided to restart the entire thing and follow your exact steps and it worked. I think something bugged out when I got the priest and Abiatti to meet which prevented the challenge from unlocking.

Thanks for your help AGENT4T& and TrueBlueMC!


No problem, glad to help. That’s great you got it to work! :smiley:


I played a couple of rounds and I have to say this is really good. I still have 5 assassination challenges and other stuff left so there are still many things to do. Still trying not to get spoiled about them. Great job with this IOI.
Btw this kitchen guy grows a horn when he’s knocked out (it happened two times, so it’s not just one time glitch). Also why is it trespassing to be in a kitchen assistant disguise on the other side of the sales counter in that place? Doesn’t make any sense.


Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Fibre Wire Only/Interaction Only With The Target… 1st Method


2nd Method. Longer, but you can take out the target just before the meeting with the lawyer. All exit routes are surrounded by enemy NPC’s, so only 1 route to escape… Again! Fibre Wire Kill Only on the target/no interaction with any NPC’s…


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Yes, I’m aware that there was more to it, but I grew tired of hearing him talk.

Besides, easy way to get Straight Shot. Maybe next time I’ll try to see if he has wings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Little tip for anyone who may want to try it. I actually had a little insurance policy in the form of a CX Remote Explosive tucked in right under the confessional bench.

No one detects it if it’s underneath the bench inside its shadow. :wink:


Did you know that there’s a free Kitchen Assistant costume in a secluded place where no one bothers you? :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that was what you had to do at first, but I never took the shot because I was waiting for him to turn around.


Well now you know. :slight_smile: Go in peace to Love and Serve the Lord. :wink:


Great bonus level, probably my favorite of the three. Once again the beautiful level of Sapienza creates the perfect settings and there are plenty of ways to interact with or manipulate the target.

Does anyone know where the speedboat key is?


I’m loving this level. But… has anyone else seen the one NPC who “poof disappears” in the same way that Santa does in the Xmas level? I don’t want to spoil who it is but I have seen it only once and can not re-create it.


I swear I heard the audio for the disappearing sound when I first played the level.

2 spooky


It’s one of the mario brothers. I just couldn’t recreate it. I ran into them and I think* I shot one dead and the other poofed or maybe that was happenstance and the one poofs after they talk I just happened to be there? I don’t know and am at work so I can’t keep trying


Played the 3 bonus episodes yesterday and Landslide is definetly my favorite. I tried SA/SO and was quite easy, go to the assistant’s house, change schedule and then just sneak your way to the cemetery, push him to the sea and leave :grinning:


And everyone though I was crazy for liking the small and simple level of ICON. This is better for sure but both will be in top half of the games levels when I rate them.


Finally, I can play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No, I didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: There are still many things to discover.


love landslide.
so much better than the icon.