Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


Too bad I spoiled the location of exit keys when there are clearly clues within the level to their locations.
I especially like the one for the boat key. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still a nice touch.


Ok, finished the mission and I love it. The atmosphere, the design, the kills, it surpasses the Icon by a mile and is better than AHBOS imo.


I have a shitload to do at work right now, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of this yesterday.
It is a very good location-remix with a bunch of good kills and it utilizes the map in new ways which makes it feel fairly fresh.

There are a few methods that feel a bit too easy like getting the priest disguise as well as a few that are just the same method but you wait a bit longer to get a different kill (same as the spoiler one). Both of these could’ve been done better, but I understand that it’s probably a time/resource issue.

I think this is the best one of the bonus missions.


The ease of the priest outfit makes sense to me because it reflects his fear of Abiatti and how he’s so distracted with that makes him unable to even consider a different threat. I love the use of the church on this one. I was super upset over missing the Prince (only elusive I’ve missed) and this makes me feel way better about it.


You have possibly came up with something already, but I did it by meeting him as a priest on the top of the bell tower. Not very fast, but it works.


Sadly it looks like the guards will only search for the lawyer when you trigger a conversation between them. It’s still nice to see NPCs actually doing something instead of relying on 47 all the time. And maybe, just maybe, it’s like with Helmut Kruger/ Oscar Lafayette abd you just have to wait a really long time for them to start searching without triggering the conversation.

But there’s another nice detail I just discovered: The lawyer gets frisked by a guard before his meeting Abatti.:slight_smile: Checked out Showstoppers to see if it now applies to all NPCs but nope. Probably something we’re only going to see in future maps.


To be frank this needs to work this way on every map. If you’re the type of person who scopes a situation out beforehand you might be tricked into thinking there will be no frisking.You can always back out of course, but that seems immersion breaking to me.

I was happy to see it in this mission though.

BTW: Has anyone found a way for Abiatti to visit one of the apartments, or was that only in the trailer?


Had the same thought when I saw that. But the problem is, that the NPCs and 47 would block each others way and things could get a bit confusing. The difference in ‘Landslide’ is, that there is always just one single person who gets frisked. Either it’s the Lawyer himself or 47 as Lawyer.


Just did my first playthrough :smiley: and Landslide is a very good bonus mission.


The natural exits into the main hall are covered by 2 priest disguise enforcers that have elaborate patterns. It’s only dead easy if you “save scum”. It’s a bit moderate if you plan to do it straight.


I’ve been playing on pro… I guess that’s so punishing that this seems easy by comparison.


I have yet to start trying Professional Difficulty. :slight_smile:
And it’s a bit of a shame the Bonus Missions can’t be played on that difficulty level for you.


I’m sure they’ll do it eventually. Man pro mode is a real challenge. I’m 9th in the world on Xbox and it took me 18 minutes to pull off. I think it’s fun because it really squeezes you. Just be ready to be frustrated at the beginning while you get used to it.


Off-topic but I’ll ask momentarily. Is there a page showing the unlockables for Pro Mastery 1 - 10 for the 6 Story Missions?


They’re just the same, new starting points and ica pick up zones, the only difference is level 10 gets you a new weapon

Hey guys anyone know where the boat and car keys are? Looked everywhere and they’re my last challenge


One kitchen assistant has car keys. He’s near Villa Caruso’s main gate. He also mentions those car keys.

I don’t know about boat keys yet, please put it into a spoiler if you’re gonna tell.


Think we all knew there was gonna be a boat and boat key in this mission but ok :ok_hand:


Ah, I didn’t mean that to you, sorry. I meant if someone knows where they are and is gonna tell, they should put it into a spoiler. Notice how I said “I don’t know”, not “I didn’t know”. :stuck_out_tongue:


The boat keys are extremely easy to find my accident. They are right on the floor. In front of the stand where the target goes to take some photos with people. Right next to it are a couple talking about how the target has a micro in his ear.



Don’t know where boat keys are yet, but the boat you are looking for is on the far side of the beach opposite from where you start the mission. You walk along the beach past the Concert Stage. And you will see a couple of boats docked there with around 2 people hanging out. One of those is the boat that requires a key.