Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


I got boat! I mean both…


Speedboat keys are on the floor, near the the assisstant’s van.


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Yup! It causes a little fizzle on the ground that draws attention. It doesn’t seem to last very long. I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between it and a tossed coin. I think maybe it draws attention even if people see you toss it? And that multiple people might walk towards it, but only slightly? Needs some investigation.


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So, I decided to make my way up to the front of the stage to watch the singer. And the moment she finished her song she said in that all too familiar NPC voice, “Hey, how’s it going?” :smirk:


You have to tamper with fireworks, take the fireworks remote, disguise yourself as a photographer, escort Marco Trumpiatti to the pier and start shooting him (with your camera, not a gun)


I think you can use it to ignite oil or gas leaks.


Well, I just bought the bonus episode now. Will play it later. Thank goodness I waited a bit, 2 days ago it was priced at 13.49$cad in the PlayStation store. Today it is the usual 11.99$cad for a normal episode. What’s with the sudden price change?


Get the most out of the episodic buyers that are excited and make the people who are considering it feel like they are getting a deal so they spring for it. At least that makes sense to me. Especially since Square Enix handles all that iffy shit and IOI doesn’t have a say in it (I really trust IOI. They’ve become my favorite developers. I know it’s not true, but I feel like I know them.)


Abiatti is the most evil character of the game. Or at least one of the most evil.


Yep because he kill the priest


The best bonus mission. No doubts. And propably… one of my favourites overall… :heart:


He does? I’ll have to see that. When I dressed as the priest he just tried to walk away after talking on the roof.


I love the priest interaction but NPC’s only kill other NPC’s by pushing them. How about a stabbing or a shooting? Hopefully for season 2.


Really? Isn’t the priest hiding for the whole time? I have to check out how can that happen.


Play the organ when the politician is close and the priest will go down and see him


Alright. To be honest now I don’t care that this was told me before I found it myself.
I agree it would be nice if some npc would shoot your target, but would it count as an accident like in Absolution? If no, could it ruin the “no bodies found”?


I think it would be cool if it counted against you. Not all avenues should be silent assassin.


Used the priest for my SA/SO rating…it’s evil but it worked :slight_smile: