Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


Sure I agree with that, but if another NPC happens to kill your target, (like Bill Dole in Absolution)

I personally don’t think it should count against you. Because technically YOU didn’t kill them, so even if the body is found, you didn’t do it. Was like you were never even there.


Well the training level had that challenge for you to set up for the NPC to kill the target for you.

Don’t remember if it counted as a body found or not though now. But yeah, I agree, if an NPC kills another NPC, shouldn’t count against you. Should trigger another series of events though related to that perhaps. Maybe put guards on higher alert or something.


I’m gonna try Kill Everyone in Landslide tomorrow :wink:


That’s true. It would be cool if they were aware of 47 and we’re looking to actively frame him… I don’t know. A concept like HITMAN is rife with possibilities. I know it sounds greedy but I can’t wait to see what Season 2 has in store for us.


I love how many details that mission got. Landslide use everyone place where nothing was happened in World of Tommorow. Church, Lawyer office, etc.


I think that they had Landslide planned for a looooong time and they knew all along that they would use those places when they designed the map.


Maybe it should cause you to fail the mission entirely since you were paid to kill the target, and someone else got to him first? :wink:


Do you get three of them at a time? :slight_smile:


No, just the one, sadly. It’s not The Big Three.


So it’s just one “coin” but with “incindiary properties”… Like you can toss it into a pool of leaked oil/gas and it sets targets ablaze without suspicion falling upon you…A hand-held accident… but only after much setup.

Very situational then?


Yeah, it’s very situational. But it does seem to distract differently than a coin does. People don’t go to pick it up and it doesn’t capture attention when placed, but it seems to have other benefits that I haven’t fully explored, like making a group of people turn their backs for a longer period of time, and causing multiple people to draw closer.


I can immediately see it as useful in the Crew area near the stage. If you get the rest of the crew and the guard to look at something else… it can be REALLY useful if you want to do something in the backstage area.

There’s that one guy who is an enforcer who can cause issues and he’s surrounded by his co-workers.


Yeah, I just played around with it a little more… it draws in people within its radius so that they all walk in more closely to look at it. But it fizzles out really quickly, so sometimes they don’t even make it all the way there. Unlike a coin, it works as a distraction even if the person sees you toss it, which could be useful. You can even toss it into an oil puddle and ignite it in full view of people, and they won’t care. (I didn’t try killing a person using that method though.)

Edit: yup, just tried it. You can toss a firecracker into a pool of oil and ignite someone in front of a whole crowd of people, and they won’t suspect you at all. That’s rather unrealistic but very handy.


In a discussion of Pro Difficulty unlockables… I felt an important tool (and hence a valuable unlockable) was “a non suspicious explosive” (in the thread I suggested a knapsack bomb).

Considering even the benign breaching charge causes alarms, The Big One can have potential value in Pro Difficulty as a “free” fire accident catalyst. It’s certainly better than the most common method which is, you risk having to pull out a gun and shoot the puddle or the generators.

Is it remotely triggered? I think if it is… it would be golden (situational… but golden). :slight_smile:

Also… speaking of the breaching charge… can The Big One open doors? blow out windows? cause chandeliers to drop?


IO don’t want Invisible kills from Absolution, so they decided to make all 47less kills accidents (with falling being easiest, although we have electrocution in Final Test).


Master Assasin challenge bugged all challenges completed successfully but still master assasin challenge stay in the uncompleted list @Travis_IOI FYI (btw thanks for the soundtrack and documentary video email! Cant wait for season 2 - the missing briefcase were so disappointed I know you’ll fix it for us! Thanks for the amazing game u created!!!


Sounds like an oversight that’s going to be fixed sometime in the future. Better not get used to it.


Just did a run SA SO using the unsilenced shotgun!


Hi i was punching random npcs in Landslide and i picked up a sedative syringe :wink:
Can anyone tell me wtf happened?


Oh man the music, the sunset mood, I can’t really explain why but this mission made this game feel like reality!

Caught in a landslide…

Btw I’m serious about the feelings I get from this mission :heart_eyes: