Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


And Landslide is completed :smiley:, it was a good and fun bonus mission.


BELLa Fantastico!


I’m pretty sure I killed everyone, so… cheers!


I found it too. Strange it wasnt an unlock tho…


If they remove that, it makes The Big One totally useless as an Accident trigger.


when I first started the mission I actually forgot to stop blending in… I was just rotating the view around and around… and looking at the concert, looking at this and that… Thinking what an awesome vacation this is.

And then I was like: “OH THAT’S RIGHT! I HAVE TO KILL SOMEONE!” :stuck_out_tongue:


Beware anyone having the same idea as I did, you CAN’T use the magic trick pen in contract mode.


So i played Landslide and made nearly all the challenges, this mission is pretty cool but IMO AHBOS is better :smile:


Dott. Diaccaborsa (idk the actual name) drops a sedative syringe. In the briefing, he is shown shaking hands with Abiatti. You can use this to knock out an NPC instantly (you probably got that from the name). I hope that helps!


Just put hitman on to try landslide, loading times are longer and performance is really bad with crappy frame rates! Good old hitman ah, just makes me feel like not bothering!


Does anyone know how to kill Marco Abiatti with the bell. I couldn’t figure it out :confused:


Actually, there are 567 people to kill, but I’m assuming you only killed the real NPCs @Bielak812


Haven’t done that one yet, but if everything else fails you can always subdue him and drag him under the bell.


Question: Is Hitman crashing for xbox one players or just me?

Once I hit A from the main menu it says “connecting” and then the game crashes and has been doing this since Weds


Yes, I only wanted to kill all normal NPCs, but still some crowd NPCs get killed, too. :smile:


You have to disguise as Father Francesco and talk to Abbiati, he will come into the church and confess and will tell you to meet him at the bell tower, after the meeting just stay near the bell and wait until Abiatti step under the bell and shoot or release the bell


I’m on ps4 and it’s not crashing but it’s very very slow and yesterday I had a lot of difficulties to connect to the server even when I try to load a save that’s very very slow


Or you could Get Abiatti to meet with the actual priest by playing the church organ at the right time to get the priest to come down just as Abiatti enters. After Abiatti has met with the real priest in the church tower the same thing applies.


The only thing that annoys me in this level is the singer who does not stop singing, so I am obliged to kill her when I start playing


Yes, it’s a known issue. The same has happened to every Xbox user who installed the game before the December update. It seems that the January update is incompatible with previous updates and causes your game to crash. For some reason IOI never tested this before releasing the January update; I guess they either never tested it on any Xbox consoles or they only tried it with the disc version? Anyway, to fix it, uninstall the base game (you do not need to uninstall any of the DLC or add-ons) then re-install. I’m afraid that it’s 17GB, but the latest install includes the January update so you won’t need to download the update again after this.