Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


I love the singer! She makes the atmosphere awesome (that doesn’t mean she’s not getting a contract in her head)


Did someone already tried to poison the drink of Abbiati on Suit Only ?


No in the suit. As far as I can tell, you can’t do it. Only drink I know of is the one in front of the stage, which requires you to go behind the bar. Once you go behind the bar in your suit, everyone spots you. I tried a few times and, could not get it, so left it alone.

If someone figures it out, that’s one heck of a an accomplishment.


Okey so I made it waiting for YouTube to upload my stream

If you go with your duck you will have a few seconds to poison his drink behind the bar


Landslide Poison Silent Assassin Suit Only

Not a smooth run but I made it :smile:


Oh God yes, she really gets on my nerves. I mean, the singing is good, but she seems to go on and on on repeat. Does Abiatti even go on stage without you triggering something? I lost my sniper patience and just shot her.

Is that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (aka Dalia)?


I find funny the name of the band, Le 5 ciliegie (The 5 cherries)


Love this mission. Killing Marco Abiatti with the Magic Trick is definitely one of my favourites I think.


The Big One is turning out to be really good now that I’ve had the chance to use it in some real missions! Unlike other distractions, it can pull multiple people away from a place you want to be. For instance, the basement exit in Bangkok Pro mode has two guards covering it; tossing The Big One just down the hall draws both of them away long enough for you to slip past them and out the level.


You can

Sabotage the Water Wall equipment and end the concert prematurely. This is also part of an Opportunity sequence that gets Abiatti on stage.


Nice. I’ll have to give that a try. I had tried dropping in a few other others, didn’t work out that good, didn’t even think of doing behind the van, hahah.


This method works too if you want to drown Abbiati, I tried it yesterday with the same method and the emetic poison


Here’s my SA/SO/No Loadout run of Landslide, if I reach 5 likes in the video, I’ll do Paris PRO/SA/SO/Shotgun run :wink:


There is a Npc called Professor Antonio (the journalist speaking with Abiatti) who writes for a newspaper called Repubblica. It really exists and is one of the most important italian newspapers


Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but the doctor guy (brown suit man in the briefing video) carries a modern sedative syringe on him.
Edit: Nevermind, this has been mentioned.


When you are fed up with the singer

:joy: :joy:




This level is TREMENDOUS. They had a YUGE undertaking with the whole political angle, but they executed it perfectly. Nothing trumps this level. Except for maybe Bangok or Thailand because they’re associated with CHIIINA. Can’t wait to get my small hands on Season 2. - Press statement Donald Trump


Wanna see a magic trick? I’m going to make this pencil disappear.


God I love walking around while this song is playing. REALLY atmospheric.