Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


I know I am a bit late to the party here but this level is fucking amazing.


Landslide and A House Build on Sand are amazing. Both are in the first half of my mission ranking list.


Use the priest disguise, talk to Abiatti, listen to his confession in the booth, meet him on top of the tower, when he says meet me at the top of the tower, run up and release the bell when he is in the bottom of the stairs.


I dragged him downstairs, waste of time. :joy:


Similar opinion
I do like Landslide, which has really nice vibe with music (along with Sapienza as my top 1).
Then A House Build on Sand, I like its structure and time (night) setting.


Has anyone achieved SA/SO on the Guardian Assassin mission?


Here are some gameplay/cosmetic changes I noticed. The Bohemian (hippie) is dancing rather than meditating, his bong can be poisoned, and my favorite change, the church organ is uncovered and can be used as a distraction. I was hoping 47 would play Ave Maria though.


I am glad that he did not. Not that I do not love that song, I am just tired of YouTube slapping copyrights on my vids


I mean, aside from THIS GUY:


Just finished all the challenges in Landslide. Agree with most this was a great level. I can’t wait for season two. Does anyone know anything about it? Also, is this the last thing released for season 1 (Other than ETs, Featured contracts, and escalations) ?


Nothing yet on season 2 but The expectation is to release more patches to further break the game. That’s about it for now.


“Iiiiiiiit’ssssss Magic-Gone!” :slight_smile:


I don’t have much to add to this thread other than that Landslide is fantastic.


Yeah… it’s quite easy to forget that this was supposed to be Silvio Caruso’s map…There’s just way more stuff going on compared to back in the original version.


Has the performance been improved yet? I have barely touched this as the frame rates sucked.


My no loadout “story” run.


My SA, SO, No KOs, No Distractions, No HUD, Fiber Wire only run.


My playthrought. Took me a whole freaking day to do it the way I wanted. Hope someone actually watches it


Great minds think alike


Very nice! :thumbsup: