Bonus Mission #3 - Landslide MEGA THREAD


Suit Only/Silent Assassin/Ghost Assassin

You don’t need anything! All you need is your suit & that’s it…


Suit Only/Sniper Assassin Challenge/5 Star Rating



1:22 Fiberwire speedrun


When you’ve gotten over the annoyance during the mission…


I didn’t know these were in Youtube, thanks. :smiley: Song 3 is my favorite.


Run of Landslide, using my favourite feat Cheat Sheet.


Landslide - SA/SO - Sniper Chandelier


That’s a really cool thumbnail :thinking:



My favorite bonus mission, I love that song that the woman is singing on stage.
And thumb’s down for I0I, if upcoming bonus mission’s will be as exciting and different as “A Gilded Cage” compared to “A House Build On Sand”.


Thumbs down…?


Yep, thumps down in that moment, when I0I is announcing a crappy bonus mission like “A House Build On Sand”.

For me Landslide is a very good example of how great a bonus mission can be. The addition of a folk festival,
that target arshole with his low motives, the first song that the woman sings on stage, the hidding lawyer, all this things making this mission a lovely and lifely place for me.


So according to your way of thinking, most main missions were crap. That inference is from the fact that A House Built On Sand was as good as (if not better than) a main mission.


But… I like “A House Built on Sand” (as well as “Landslide”). :slight_smile:


I wrote bonus mission.

And sure it’s a choice of personal taste what (bonus) mission is the best.
But Im not the typ of a guy who’s defending free shit, just because it’s free. And after playing the great “Landslide” mission, that shows us all how great an alternate level can look like, it’s just disapointment for me to play a bonus mission that is just set in the evening.


All the bonus missions suffer from the same huge flaw: Only 1 starting location.
Kills replayability and is the reason those maps barely get played compared to the 6 main ones.


That is true, I think that it wouldn’t even be that much effort for them to add in maybe two more starting locations, even if they ones where you started in a suit. Like making it so you could start in your apartment in Landslide would be nice (this could make some strategies very easy though, such as getting sniper assassin.).


Landslide - Sniping Town Hall Chandelier


Have I missed something all this time? I didn’t think you could smack someone across the face for a knockout and still get SA.