Bonus Mission Starts/Smuggles

I would love to see more starts for bonus missions like A House Built on Sand and the Patient Zero missions. The Hitman 2 special assignments have starts and smuggles, so why can’t these other missions? If this gets added, I think it would get people playing this missions more again and overall making it more fun. I’ve always thought that these missions needed the additional starts and smuggles more than the special assignment because of contracts mode, so hopefully these changes get added. (Also if we’re adding starts pls add Bangkok freelancer exit to main game)


That’s super cool, I’ll be using this until IOI puts it in the base game

Highly doubtful it will happen

Yea but it would be really cool, all they’d have to do is render their images again in the new setting, and I don’t it would be too powerful on most missions, they can do what they do for ETs and just remove starts as needed

I agree, it would’ve been wonderful if they took and implement a few of community suggested features or mods