"Bored"... Need inspiration!


First, let me say I really like the new Hitman A LOT! I even made my peace with the game coming out in episodes, but…

I actually dont really know what to do anymore and I find myself just running around senceless…

So I wanted to know what you guys do playing hitman? Explore the world? Try every kind of kill on everybody?.. I am actually really trying to find some inspiration :slight_smile:


Try pulling stuff like this off.


I have the same problem, but the elusive target really had me going. What I find very fun with this game is to practice and get good at it, running, moving from cover to cover, quick shoot, seduce, etc. Trying to be as quick and smooth as possible. The elusive target really was a perfect challenge to test your skills and experience, I just wish IO had like contract mode for us, or more elusive stuff. Replaying main missions is really boring in my opinion, but I don’t mind replaying the levels, they are awesome.


Shameless self advertising:


I do a lot of practising too mainly aiming practise and quick kills etc.