Bought DLC, it tells me I don't have it + weird problem


Ps4 slim player here. I have the Hitman Definitive Edition and Hitman 2 physical copies, I played the patient zero campaign np and downloaded all that is to be downloaded with the goty pack, but for whatever reason, the legacy pack doesn’t work at all. Nvm, didn’t need it that bad, told myself it was a problem for another time.
However, a few days ago I bought the expansion pass on sale since I was ridiculously excited to play it, only to my utter shock to tell me, after downloading it, that I can’t access it. Ofc I can’t ask for a refund, since I /did/ download it.
The problem is that if I go to H2 to access the content it just tells me I can’t, it’s red, whatevs, try to access the store from the game, doesn’t work. I go to the store to see the dlcs, they are purchased.
I went to the library to H2 to see if they are downloaded, after I downloaded them I can’t access the playstation store page from the library anymore, only game that I have this problem with.
Now comes the weirdest part. I go to the downloads page…they’re installed, 100%. They’re on the disk, they’re on my ps4, they’re there. I try to start them from the downloads page…both the legacy and the expansion pass tell me to open them in the Hitman 1 game…like what? Why…? Ok…I do that…and it just sents me to the main menu of the game, and that’s it, nothing else, it stops there.
I have no idea what is wrong with them and every single problem I’ve found on forums related to this was for people that can’t download it…I could, it just acts like it’s for the first game, and then ofc it doesn’t work because it’s not.

I would appreciate the help so much, I was so excited to play the last levels, checking the store for sales every week, and for this to happen is just ridiculous. I tried to delete one of the levels to see if I can install them again…and it just doesn’t let me, had to go roundabout with it to install it, but it still doesn’t work.
I also contacted wb support but I doubt they’re going to answer any time soon. Hope this is the right place to post it.

Thank you!


Thank you! For whatever reason, this time deleting and installing worked, but I had to download the Hitman 2 free starter pack(it didn’t give me this option before?) in order to have access to the dlcs…and just them. So now I have both the Hitman 2 disc installed and the Hitman 2 free starter pack, and I have to change between them depending on which mission I want to play…I absolutely hate this,my ps4 menu looks ridiculous, but it is so much better than nothing. Glad I found a somewhat solution!