Bought Gold Edition for Xbox One, only have access to Expansion content

So I bought the Gold Edition while on sale, downloaded everything available, and played the first few missions in the Legacy content. Then I noticed there was an Elusive Target available, so I went to play Miami… only to be told I need to Get Access. Again, I bought Gold Edition. I played Legacy, I have the new maps available, all the bonus costumes and gear, yet somehow I don’t have access to the campaign after Hawke’s Bay.

I have tried both restarting and rebooting my console, reinstalling the game, and launching the game from different store pages. No luck. The maps are also not in my queue like some posts have suggested. Manually going to Miami’s (along with most of the other maps’) store page doesn’t let me download it, instead saying it can only be purchased as part of a bundle or something along those lines. Something interesting I noticed however, is that it says I don’t own the game or Gold Edition on their respective pages (there are actually two pages for the base game on Xbox, in addition to Gold/Silver and Free Starter). This doesn’t make any sense because the money got taken away from my account, and I clearly have access to paid content.

Microsoft also doesn’t do refunds, so I’m stuck essentially having paid for a game I already owned (the previous Hitman), and the tease of the sequel every time I want to play it. Are there any other solutions, or any way for me to get my money back? Seriously, this is a ridiculous problem, and I just want some conclusion to it that isn’t “Yeah you’re screwed, should have bought someone else’s game instead.”

Hello and welcome.

I’m not an xbox expert, but I understand your confusion. I’ll ask for help @Urben @Travis_IOI @Hardware, maybe you can help?

The free starter pack can mess everything up on Xbox, I recommend a fresh install, but this time only HITMAN 2 Gold and Legacy Pack this is due to install pathing issues on Microsoft’s end due to the numerous ways someone can play the game that being Starter Pack, individual maps, or the complete experience.

So again, the game is only recognizing the the HITMAN 2 starter pack and legacy content.

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Hello, and welcome to the forum. It’s irritating. I think you can do little other than remove everything (Hitman) from the console, do a full restart, then commence the process again. Make sure your IOI login is consistent. I did have one or two situations where just leaving it for a day helped, strangely enough.

Also please post this in the bug thread, Xbox does seem to get more than its fair share of issues like this but.

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