Breaching charge doesn't work on the tornado door? :(


Has anyone found a way to force/glitch it open without the face?


Didn’t found another way. For quite some time you could glitch through the map by subdueing. I dont know how it works or if it works anymore, but that maybe would be a way.


You’re not supposed to. The face is the only way.


There’s also if you get Sean Rose himself in the basement and then you nab him and drag his body to enter the tornado shelter ala Codename 47. :wink:


be cool if they took his body to the basement and you could take hiim out the bag.


Generally I would like more interaction with bodybags. Like legally dragging it around whiche in guard disguise.


If it’s built to withstand a tornado how would a breaching charge break it open


…How about two breaching charges?


I want to at least be able to steal disguise from bodybags like in old Blood Money.


Wait, I remember it is possible in the newest game. Or is it currently bugged (not do it for a long time)?


Uh this actually works.

EDIT: FIRST!i!i!i!


You can


it works!? :hamburger: