«Breaking and Entering» Challenge Pack

Hello Everyone! Today (7 November) in Whittleton-Creek appeared new challenge pack «Breaking and Entering», consisting of 4 challenge. The reward is the «ICA Titanium Crowbar»!
You can show impressions about this challenge pack, videos, screenshots etc.


Only 3 challenges and they all look pretty easy


Very easy. Pick Casual difficulty, start Construction and there’s a crowbar right behind you. Kill the two talking construction workers and they both have van keys (2/5). Go to the Schmidt house, break the door down (1/4), then collect the key in the flowerpot (3/5). Go over to Cassidy’s house, shoot the guard in the head, break the door open (2/4).

Head over to Helen’s house, break her door open (3/4). Head over to Janus’ house, kill the front door guard, break his door open (4/4), collect his key from just inside (4/5). Go to the construction site at the gate area, knock out the worker, take his key (5/5).

Then you just have to knock out 3 deputies and have their bodies not be found. I gunned down people who weren’t deputies, then knocked out deputies. Sheriff Masterson doesn’t count.

You know what else doesn’t count? The crowbar, as a crowbar, on A House Built On Sand, for the purpose of exits that specifically require a crowbar (the ones in the northwest and southeast where you break a door open).


Why the switch to casual mode? To make the challenges not a challenge?


Well, the ICA Titanium Crowbar is a pretty cool unlock. Being able to start with a crowbar definetly will be a game changer for various scenarios. Now, if only there was a challenge pack to unlock an ICA Screwdriver with the Hitman insignia on it…

Anyway, I like how this crowbar has a different look, is shorter in length and it is collapsible, so it’s the kind of thing you can hide in your pants without issue. Nice details.


Breaking and entering alright…


R.I.P. “The Great Heist” :frowning:

I hope they fix this in the next update because thats really what made me interested in it in the first place. Being able to use more exits in marrakesh at night sounds great by default, if it would work…

Chill challenge pack :blush::sloth:


I know I could just test it myself, but does it count for the sewer exit in Miami?

From what I heard, Yes.

Sewer exit on Miami is visible but locked without a crowbar (I dropped it to check), but is unlocked when you have the titanium one, so yes it counts.