Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


Finally after asking for it since 2012 we got our briefcase back!
Beautiful, practical, deadly looking when caring it, but looks way too small to fit a Sniper Rifle in it.

We can argue that it’s not important, that we should be happy that it’s finally here.
But I ask, seeing how beautiful this games look and how many detailed buildings, streets, objects and nature. Is it too much to add a more realistic aesthetic to the size of the briefcase?

One member here mention some time ago that it might be due to a bug it may occur with the animation, maybe.
But back then we only saw things from the trailers and live streams.
Today we have the game in our hands and it’s revealing now to see that this idea is not that case.
In fact the animation didn’t even changed since the revealing when it was still in BETA fase.
The animation only works with the Snipers from Hitman 2. What ever Sniper you unlock from the Season 1 missions won’t have any kind mounting animation what so ever. 47 will just open the case, extract the gun like a magician extracts a bunny from his hat and then close the lid.
It is practical if you are in a hurry, but when you look at it you realize how bad it looks.

Here are some screens I took earlier today showing the size of the case comparing it with 2 Snipers and a handgun.
As you can see, the briefcase has a perfect fit for one silenced pistol like it was shown in the first Cutscene in the game.

This is how long the briefcase should look to hold at least the WA2000 in it. It’s a 90 cm long case


If we took for granted that all longer guns were dismantleable, they could get around the comedy animation by just changing the camera angle. EIther put it close in behind 47’s shoulders, or have it low looking up at 47’s face, then you can take it for granted that he is dismantling the weapon or assembling it. Without needing to actually animate it.


I’m more worried about this honestly


It’s a shame that they couldn’t get that amazing assembling animation from C47 and Blood Money back into HITMAN 2. And it sucks to hear that the S1 rifles don’t even have one.

However, I think the current animation for taking out rifles is a fair compromise, despite how incomplete it may look.

Since you can now fit all sorts of stuff into the case, you can now take out several different models of sniper rifles (instead of just the Sieger like in the old games). Making a disassembling animation for each rifle could have possibly taken too many resources, so that’s why he simply takes the whole thing assembled instead. It’s a better choice than taking the camera control away from the player and blocking the view of the assembling process, like Hitman Contracts did.

So that’s why I think the current animation is good enough. In a way, it’s similar to the animation for changing into a disguise, as it’s not fully realistic, just an approximation to the real thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw that one on a meme webpage :joy: Funny stuff

@Tiki2970 same here. I don’t mind the animation. But it bugs me to see how 47 extracts a Sniper almost big as him from such a small case.


Season 1 snipers should remain without animation. I don’t want that bullshit and using Season 1 snipers I have the option to not have it.


Season 1 snipers are way better than the ones in Hitman 2.
Just saying


Pretty sure the idea is supposed to be that those weapons are split at least in two parts before being put in the briefcase even if the game doesn’t animate it as such. Most modern weapons are very easy and very fast to break into two parts by only taking out an easy to side in and out with your bare fingers pin or two.

But the size of the in-game briefcase is correct for weapons of those sizes.


lmao…that is hilarious…yeah that has to get fixed lol.


I love the briefcase-boom-a-rang​:kiss::+1:


Yeah, it’s very unrealistic, but it still works. Just imagine taking the Jaeger Lancer out of that thing, you’d require two briefcases for that one. :joy:

Also, is the long briefcase not actually in the game? I was under the impression that it was, the Big Leak from a couple months ago showed a long ICA briefcase as part of the unlocks.


I hope it never gets fixed, hitman is meant to have these moments of slapstick humour and this is an absolutely fantastic example.


No long briefcase. All the same all same length but different names and models.
If you really want to feel sad about the things that were supposed to be in the game, then look at the ones from season 1.


i bet they release the long briefcase in the expansions :stuck_out_tongue:


I gave a quick look-over at all the unlocks in game yesterday and I didn’t see any long variant or larger variant for the briefcase…it’s possible I missed something but I don’t believe there is any larger size variant in game.

At any rate I am moderately certain that we’re not intended to think these weapons would be stored whole in the briefcase…the idea is almost certainly that they are broken down into at east two pieces before being stored in the briefcase…that is usually how real weapons are stored in cases…not whole.

  1. They’d better not fix that throwing animation, it’s hilarious.

  2. Very disappointed by the lack of assembly animation. Unlocked the Sieger 300, took along to the Showstopper mission, and when I took it out of the case, it was just 47 picking it up. No special animation. Kinda goes along with them feeling the need to keep everything fast-paced. Fast lockpicking, fast body dumping, now fast sniper rifle assembly. I still think Contracts did it best. Didn’t have the specific details of Blood Money’s version, but I liked the slower, more methodical animation. Really built up the tension.


Brilliant! I discovered this in Miami yesterday. Heat seeking briefcases for the win. IOi should really focus on the sounds of dismantling the weapon and change the camera angle so you can’t see the dismantling process (as others have said).
It’s funny when it’s alot easier to lob a briefcase at someone’s head than shoot em. Most dangerous weapon in the game.

Edit: be even better if 47 put all those lockpicks to use and improvised a lockpick bomb on a suitcase. Delivers swift lock pick death instantly by impaling people to walls via their shirt collar or something.


What exactly do you mean? I don’t actually own Hitman 2018 yet, so I wouldn’t know.

Alongside human shields, plate carrying, dual ballers, and proper accents for Season 1 levels. All available only to owners of Expansion 2. :joy:

Really? I wonder why. That would have been a very easy unlock to make. They could have even used the first unfinished animation from E3 and it would work better in long briefcase than current animation does in short briefcase.

I think so. Just like the animations for taking disguises, then.


i think the current animation for the Jaeger is good enough (for now). 47’s actually twists a part and the model moves, and he kind of pushes in the magazine too.
but the Sieger not having it is disappointing, since that’s the OG rifle :frowning:


Nope. I’ve got the Jager 7 (first Legacy sniper unlock) and that uses an “assembly” animation every time I extract it.