Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


4 times actually. There’s an FN2000 & case in “Death on the Mississippi”. Also there’s a second briefcase at Eve’s desk with a Dragonov.


Some people like explosions and they were in every other game as well as offering freedom of approach which separates Hitman from any other stealth game. The human shield was only useful in Blood Money and for IO to animate this it is money they don’t have.

How many times must I point out IO’s financial and employment woes for you all to realise you are asking to much of them?


Wrong! They started to be a thing from Blood Money that you always had it with you if you wanted so.
Actually Absolution never had it, or a loadout where you can start with if not when creating a Contract I think.
Instead before Blood Money there were only a few missions were you A) had to use them obligated by mission and B) some where lying around just for in the mission.
But never to be equipped.


The key word being asking. Nobody is forcing them at gunpoint to code anything in, people are just asking and discussing.

And I hardly think something as simple as making the “Blackballer” ACTUALLY the Blackballer is going to break their bank, considering they already have the necessary models in the game.


I’m sorry but it’s hard to believe they didn’t go further than beta briefcase anim because of “money issues”…


Nope car bomb in Codename 47 and the petrol bomb in Beldingford Manor as well as several others.

True you asked for the briefcase and no you have it. It is not my fault you didn’t ask for animations. I mean I wanted blood pools to come back but working on the briefcase meant they might have put that on the back-burner.

Well I’m sorry you don’t feel the same. But it is not maliciousness on IO;s part, it is not a lack of will other wise they wouldn’t have added it in the first place. So it is either a lack of money or lack of animators


well you should believe it :stuck_out_tongue: look, i’m not happy that there’s no proper briefcase animation either. but you have to be understanding of IO and their situation


But you never could start with it. In Codename 47 you are only obligated to use them 2 times. To destroy a car and to blow up Pablo’s drug lab.


No, the community asked for the briefcase. Because it is a staple of the franchise. Same as the Blackballer, the Silverballer, the rifle assembly animations and other such details to varying extents.


Unless it’s not about money but technical difficulties they can’t pass through, so they prefer make it simple…


It’s the same excuse I used when I was saving away for my car.
My friends kept asking me out but I never wanted to go to not waste too much money meanwhile I had a nice saving.


Who knows, maybe we’ll get a nice patch that’ll make the minor changes that make the core idea of 47 47, but until then there’s no harm in raising the points and discussing them. (Heading off to sleep now so may not reply super duper quickly. Night all)


And I keep saying IO don’t have the employees, money or time to make the animations. 47 uses 47 is the BEST assassin so he uses the latest gear.

I guess all this complaining just seems ungrateful. IO have released this game despite enormous financial troubles, have given us DLC to use for free and have returned the briefcase for no other reason then because the fans wanted it back and all I do is see everybody complaining.


But what they do have is the models to make the Blackballer, which was advertised as being included with the Executive Pack, a Gold Edition exclusive. Except, wait, it’s the ICA19 “Black Lily”, not the Blackballer. All they had to do was put the Silverballer’s wooden grip on and it would have been perfect. It’s the little things that annoy me the most. It’s the same with the suit unlocks. At least in H1 they tried something different with the Marrakesh gloves and the Hunter’s Hat, but in this they’ve just copied and pasted the driving gloves on each. When you have the resources already there, money’s not really an excuse.

I never said that it wasn’t a great game. The levels look fantastic and it’s a good addition to the series. But I’ve never been one for praising things that have already been praised a ton. I prefer to air my concerns and problems with it, even if that comes across as selfish, rude or dickish. Congratulations on IOs part, but there are just things I don’t understand the logic behind.


Wait wait. The Blackballer is way more different than that. A lot.


Oh yeah, I know that it’s not the same on every level, but if they’re going to call it the Blackballer in the promo material I’m saying that they could at least have given it the signature wooden grip. Of course the ACTUAL Blackballer would be great, but I can allow a little compromise if they’re going to insist on using this new versions, non-Blackballer ICA 19 (for whatever illogical reason).


You a girl by any chance? I love it when people defends the Blackballer :heart_eyes:
If not we’ll make it work.


XD sadly not, but we do share a common love in the Blackballer.

It just rubs me the wrong way because it reminds me of the Hokkaido trailer. Having 47 bend down to pick up the Sieger in an obvious suggestion of a briefcase, then not actually including it. Calling it the Blackballer when it’s really not the Blackballer reminds me too much of that.

(But now I really should be going, it’s nearly 3am XD see y’all tomorrow)


My god! That was the biggest troll IO pulled on us.


Seriously, I was like

“… Really?”

I felt the same when I saw that the supposed “Blackballer” wasn’t actually the Blackballer.

Anyway, last post, I promise. Gonna have to lock my phone in a briefcase of its own at this point! :wave: