Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


That’s why we have a Dragunov and AK unlocks, right?


Those were for fans of the SVD and the AK-47. Also the unlocks were tied to the weaponry in the level and who would have thought people in Indian street gangs cannot buy expensive weapons. I mean does 47 also canonically use the Rude Ruby because it is unlockable?


Then it would be for the fans of Blackballer.

And it has nothing to do with your initial argument about 47 using only the best gear

That’s just proving my point. Weapons are not plot points, you know. 47 would never use stuff like battle axes or catanas(them lying around in the levels is not realistic itself as well) but they are in the game for gameplay purposes. So are firearms.

Your argument is also ruined by actual cutscenes of H2 where Blackballer is clearly shown as his signature weapon.


Well my final argument is IO don’t care about what gun model 47 uses and they think very few people do as well.

The only reason the briefcase exists was fans demanded it, I suspected that if IO had their way they might have never put it back in. They would have spent their time and resources on other areas. It was only because people were so incredibly vocal about their displeasure and briefcase fans took tangible actions to accomplish the case’s return .

If gameplay is your argument then what do IO stand to gain by changing the Blackballer? Why should they waste every precious second of dev time or every precious Danish krone on this issue. The Mark II stickers were for people who might not be able to buy or partake in the legacy pack, lazy sure but understandable. (Those stickers might be changed due to backlash)

The briefcase opens up more opportunities to play and it is a fan favourite. Hell the OG Blackballer might be a weapon that will be unlocked in the expansions or in an update for all we know. Maybe if they made an accurate Baller then AMT or Colt or whichever company that owns the gun rights might litigate


Are you one of those persons who can’t survive if he doesn’t prove to people he is right?

Did you started to play Hitman from Absolution or Season 1? First you insist that Codename 47 had a bomb in every mission and so did the other games down Blood Money. Now you insist IO never cared about 47 having an iconic weapon?
Here are the covers of every Hitman Game before Season 1.

Tell me, what do you see?


Yes I will not lie that can be true. Usually I know when to quit and I was going to wash my hands with this thread before Fyodor had to make a post. Also started playing with Blood Money.

Did I? I could have sworn I said explosives period, I did not say in his inventory or as his starting gear.

So yes I might have worded it poorly and I will admit to miscommunication but the point still stands.

I see a clone version of an out-of-production hand gun made by a now defunct weapons company that filed for bankruptcy due to a reputation of poor quality. I care more about 47 as a character and as an assassin far more then the Silverballers in fact I hardly use guns my username gives that away

I love Playstation consoles and the Playstation 2 is iconic but that did not stop me upgrading to each new version.


The reason for that is the same for adding Chrome, MkII, Black Lilly and so on and so forth. They could do it as a challenge pack reward, for example. It is already in the game(Hitman Alpha) and functioning just fine.

Not understandable. They could have just made unlocks the same as S1 without filling our inventory with reskins. Wow, I now have 3 lockpicks, so useful. This development time could have been better spent.


Dude chill please. Is a videogame. In that universe the Hardballer is a Silverballer and it happens to be 47’s personal and favorite.
Don’t compare it with real life.


Sigh well that is a reason for him to keep it. I never like the “sentimentality” reason for him keeping the gun I always felt it clashed with 47’s dedication to his job and Absolution preying upon his sentimentality never helped me adjust to the argument. I prefer the laser focused and dedicated professional of 47 big part of why I like the newer games.

Also my fact files are bigger than yours I can research too.


Again, we are talking about an invented universe. At this point we should argue about clones that we don’t have and compare them with 47.


Actually human cloning via stem cell based methods has been proven viable for a while now ever since 2006 when BM took place partially. It is just because there are strict bans on such projects in many nations.(The Franchise has won) So there might be 47’s we can compare in real life. In the game there IS a more sentimental clone Lucas Grey and I still prefer 47 to 6.

Also why does 47 use the Hardballer instead of the actual original Browning M1911 handgun? Because it seems as though it is a superior model despite being the original.

I swear this should be my last post on this subject and my informal apology for being a prick, but I do hope the original gun makes it back. I mean Christmas is a month away and we have been good boys and girls.


yes exactly,i don’t remember it very well.So that’s what i am saying they could make 2 types of briefcase,one for a special snipers other longer for longer snipers and weapons like rifles or shotguns.This would be probably more for fun thenn anything else but still i think that is something they could implement without much trouble.Second briefcase could be long enough to store any type of weapon and so there would be one type of animation where 47 stores the gun of choosing in the briefcase.


Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Sigh. Again. “Priorities”. Like 2.5 years ago with hitman 1 march 2016, a game that is in beta still nowdays with “Hitman 2 november 2018”


It’s not that bad friends…i agree it was took longer time than we all expected however - at least we have the briefcase working in all levels(!) and the option we can also knock out NPCs and Targets with it. Pure fun. Thanks IOI!


They thought about a bigger one at some point


wtf. that menu screen looks … AWESOME. o_O why couldn’t we have this?


Jeez to me that UI is horrid


Because IOI, that’s why.


H2’s UI is literally just 2016’s UI but pink and gray, you think they had time to make an entirely new UI? :’)))