Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


The UI didn’t need changing. Nice simple panelling done and dusted doesn’t need the clutter and cut away panels those concepts have.


Yeah the lack of changes in the UI make it obvious they were not able to change something at all. Time or money wise.


yeah i hate it when devs are transparent to the fans about why they couldn’t implement something :((( so sad


Yeah they should do what Bethesda do, never tell us they make any changes what so ever and give us five bucks when we complain. (Wait you are being facetious right). Be like Bethesda and prioritise base building before getting rid of the bugs that make your game unplayable or skip basic QA on things like player reporting so when you got to get homophobes reported it fails



this was the leaked “long briefcase”. they made a whole model for it, curious as to why it’s not ingame though. probably saving it for the Holiday content update


Possibly in an update or expansion? Maybe they decided to drop long briefcases? I mean it was only in the leaks so I don’t take removal of this seriously.


sigh. I wish they could tho


same, we are due for a bit of a UI cleanup


I think without the assembly animation, the size dosen’t matter so If they do not add animations through the update, its pretty safe to think there will be no bigger case.

And even if the big case does not have the attacking capability, it will be difficult to balance it with the small briefcase.

If a big case is added, the items that can fit into a small case will be limited, and a big case with no assembly animation will have more advantages

To balance those cases
They should give more advantages to small case by allowing you to climb a ladder with it or to make a distinct difference in the throw distance

And that’s also why I think they should bring market systems and customization into the game.

For example, some sniper rifles are powerful and can push targets like striker Or can pierce through the wall by customize it. you can kill npc with one shot, no matter where they hit. but they can not be put into small cases also can not be customized to fit in and very loud.

On the other hand, other types of sniper rifles are very accurate and can be put into small cases or can be costomized to fit into small bags. The sound is very small, so your enemies can’t track your location. However, as distance increases, the power of the bullet decreases. So you have to aim at the head. If not, the target will not die/be alerted.

And that will result in decrease of the overall accuracy and power of other guns at a distance.
To be honest, the current ica19 pistols are over powered at their functional aspect
not to use any other weapons

Pistols should also be classified in the accuracy / damage / sound


No I think the balance should come from suspicion. A small/medium briefcase is fine since to normal people it is the norm but a case like that one you posted the first thing I would do think is that guy definitely does not have the Hanson report and a muesli bar in there.


IDK why there’s so many scraped content that didn’t get into the game, the UI, bigger briefcases, money system, weapons.


Had they implemented that they wouldn’t need an assembly animation. Also, it’s a shame they haven’t experimented with different kinds of briefcases. Like the one from Traditions of the Trade where you can find a shotgun. Or a toolbox. And so on.


I’d only care for a proper head snap and longer choke animation, killing is the basis of this game to need that.


the size doesn’t matter


FALSE, also in Hitman 2 :sunglasses:


Big Black Case. What did you expect ? :laughing:



With assembly animation






Don’t y’all know? ICA has obtained Time Lord technology ™. Bigger on the inside.


Someone modded it in