Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


Please tell me they deliberately put it in as a joke.


That just further proves how magical the briefcase really is! :joy:


The Jaeger 7 had one albeit I was bringing the Mk II. If you’re saying all the Mk II snipers have animation then they will be my main sniper rifles from now on. Lol.


We didn’t wait 2 years for just a regular briefcase, they could have put that sh*t together in like 5 minutes. :wink:

But seriously, I like that you can use it in hand to hand, but throwing it 20m at someones head is way over the top, maybe decrease the range a little. :thinking:

That is very conspicuous to be honest. There’s really no (other) reason to carry a briefcase that large. The only large caliber sniper rifle that would fit in a regular briefcase is probably the Nemesis Arms Vanquish.


I think it’s just too much work for IOI to create a proper animation for dissembling sniper rifles.


Instruments music cases are this big if not bigger


Good point, I didn’t think they would look anything like a regular briefcase but it seems some of them do.


Suspension of disbelief, my friends.
Just THINK that the Sniper is disassembled inside of it and it works. :slight_smile:


Thats not the case. Their game engine sucks + the developers are not really that good at making complex things. Thats the actually the first time i see that low budget animations for an AAA Studio. Glad i payed only 20 euros from G2A for a key .cause the game is not worth much more .




This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.


Why would anyone want this fixed?? this is magical!


Disappointed to hear about the season 1 snipers having no animation.


The game has the old animation? That’s odd, because the most recent gameplay videos I’ve seen from about a month or 2 ago showed 47 squat down, open the case, take out the rifle, and “assemble” it, more or less. He then stood up, and quickly glanced down the scope. Then, when he put it back in the case, he squatted down, “disassembled” it, put it back in the case, closed the case, then picked it up as he stood back up.
That animation is a good compromise in my opinion. If they couldn’t add the full blown assembly animation, fine, because this still gets the idea across and I’m fine with it. So, with that being said, I truly hope they haven’t gone back to the old animation where he just simply bends over and picks up a magically fully assembled sniper rifle without even opening the case.


Apparently he does that for the Season 1 rifles.


Oh, so he does the full animation for the new levels, but just bends over and picks up the rifle for the season 1 levels?


That’s what I understands from Badea.


yeah that doesn’t happen. it’s only the Jaeger 7 that has that brief assembly animation, the rest don’t. nothing to do with season 1 or season 2 rifles.


Ah, that’s even more disappointing…


Seriously though I’d say if those little things are all that concern you (plural) the game seems pretty fine in my book. :smile: :+1: