Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


Nah, the SVD has one too


the SVD’s parts don’t actually budge though. Jaeger is the only one where its parts twist and insert


I don’t get why they unsilenced the Jager 7.


Apparently not really. Only the Lancer has an animation and the Draugnov knockout. The rest are just pulled out and ready to use in a second.


Doe sit actually insert on your game? Mine, 47 only twists the outer barrel grip before chucking it in whole. Nothing come’s apart for me… other than the whole animation


oh it does? my apologies then, I don’t have it yet


47 just does the kneeling animation, doesn’t disassemble anything in my games. You can get an SVD in Mumbai in game.


the barrel grip twists, and by “insert” i meant the magazine that he pushes in and out


He goes to pull it out and in but nothing moves for me lol


oh that’s weird. might be a bug


That sucks, hopefully they will release a patch for it.


Maybe, but it will take a long long time before that happens. First they need to fix the bugs that makes some challenges or mission impossible to complete. Then they will have some time to add new animations.


Fixed :wink:


I used to be a trophy hunter. But with the absence of the Platinum it’s like there is no fun in it now.
The platinum was my reward for completing everything and it added a number on my other platinum collection :disappointed_relieved:


Don’t let that get you mate, having 100% Hitman surely is a feat in itself, don’t need a platinum for it. Still shows the time and effort you put in to get every trophy :slight_smile:

Bad news is that I have an unobtainable trophy if you do certain things first and the XP fucks up and breaks your mastery. So I won’t be getting 1st n the world this time round for sure lol

Good news, I know exactly the issue, how to create it and where it glitches & IOI knows about it and logged it into their bug tracking system to verify and fix :slight_smile:


Maybe to make the other rifles more valuable.


But, like, who even used the Jager 7 when you have better-scoped weapons and the Sieger 300 Ghost?


It was the only one I had at the time of THE ANGEL OF DEATH and THE GURU (because I bought Complete First Season after Hokkaido was released).

It’s also the one I’m using now for Sniper Assassin in The Showstopper and for The Finish Line since Sieger is not yet available to me.

So far so good, since Sniper Rifle sounds seem to have a disorienting effect. Guards no longer zero in or go into instant Combat as long as they didn’t see you take the shot.

There is a delay before they can figure out where the sound is coming from and only the nearest guards will check your last known position.


Oh, so shooting a loud sniper doesn’t alert people immediately? It still feels weird for 47 to use an unsilenced sniper, but it’s sad that that’s the only one with a proper briefcase animation.


The feeling right now takes me back to Codename 47 where I got a lot of mileage out of the Blaser R93 (which was also unsilenced) and where guards also had trouble figuring out where a sniper shot came from. :slight_smile:

As an example there’s a guard just outside the start-finish straight overpass (not the start-finish line overpass, the other one). And if you use this spot and fire your rifle to kill Sierra Knox, there is enough time to pack your rifle and go away before that one guard gets to your spot. Also it seems that panic over a single unseen gunshot doesn’t last very long. By the time I got downstairs and left the Overpass with the Jaeger 7 packed in my briefcase it seemed no one was the wiser.

Very much like Codename 47. :sunglasses: