Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


What I can’t understand is why only 1 or 2 of the available sniper rifles would have the proper rifle assembly animation, yet the others don’t for some reason, it doesn’t make any sense. I know I already said this above, but surely this will be patched at some point, because the lack of an animation that should be there definitely sounds like an issue that needs to be patched.


Hopefully something for a few patches down the road, eh @Travis_IOI ? :wink:


Yes, please make it happen :laughing:


Depends, if you mask it with other loud noises .Also RDR 2 has 300.000 animations , i think IO can manage 10 more … to have it not ingame cause of time or money , is not an excuse …

The real question is , what are they gonna do about it ? If they are gonna treat this issue the way they treated it in Hitman 2016 , this hitman is gonna be my last hitman game then… even how much i love this franchise … I want it to be more , it deserves it … it’s the same with weapon holsters when putting a disguise on ,they are always empty , how long would it take for his “collegues” to spot him as an infiltrator instead of a co-worker when hè sees no gun in his holster … It’s the little things and i hope they patch it out cause now i feel the same with the fact when you drown people in the sea or pools , they die instantly with a single push which is kinda ridiculous , please put back a drowning animation in place like the one from in Hitman contracts , IO has already brought back the pillow kill animation which is a good thing … I hope IO get’s this sorted out , i really do , i miss the days from H BM or H Contracts where you assembled your Sniper rifle through a cool animation montage , stuffing your pistol in a chicken , stowing a Shotgun in a box of flowers etc So please IO bring back the immersion




It doesn’t. If you want one with the animation there is plenty to choose. Let people who want no animation have some too.


Can someone post a video of the animation?


Fair point…I suppose. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If you don’t want an animation don’t use the suitcase …


I’m going to do the Telescope Kill in Sapienza today so will try to get you footage. :wink:


Sniper Rifles are now suspicious if carried by 47 regardless of disguise.


Uh… IOI is an indie studio…
Rockstar is part of Take Two Interactive group…

And no… IOI are not part of Warner Bros. Warner just sells the games.


Can’t do that, genius


Indie developer or not … their previous titles had it and now they don’t …


yep your so called “indie studio” already had the briefcase animation in a game thats more than 10 years old. nice excuse


Well like I said some posts above. I too hope IOI patch more Sniper Rifle animations in later.


I have video but I’ll post it in the “How Snipers Work” thread… because… it just so happens I managed to get Silent Assassin as well as Sniper Assassin. :slight_smile:


what’s the difference between a game that was developed 10 years ago and the new game? different team, different priorities, different time management.

this idea that “it was in the game 10 years ago!! why not now?!” is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. and it radiates through this forum like the plague.


i was wrong about the Druzhina not budging during the animation. a few bits move, i just had to look closer


I don’t quite see the problem , if you buy a new car you’d expect the quality of its predessors will be implemented in the new ones, or do you buy your cars with quirks ?

If you are easy satisfied , good for you , me on the other hand , i’m a customer and i expect the product meets his expectations as advertised… and when hitman 16 released i bought it out of love for a franchise that was always state of the art , and yes even hitman 2 has that same reason , but i won’t do it again , i want to be immersed into the world of assassination , it’s better to voice constructive crittizism and improve it together , than just do nothing … if that’s your cup of tea , fine by me …

Not everyone is a casual player , some of us played the franchise back in the day when they wouldn’t give them a chance , i and Many others want the immersion back into the game … i Will support them but they’ll need to fix it …