Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


Looking forward to it amigo …


@Streetrocker47 I’m with you man. But you make it sound like IOI got nothing right with HITMAN 2.

You know that’s not true. :slight_smile:


No, friend they do alot of good things , i really like the game , i still love the franchise but with some little things missing , i don’t agree and i’ve been calling them out since Hitman 16 …


Well my experience is they do listen. Whether it actually happens we have to see. As a director of animated films myself though I can tell you these things are no joke. But of course we want the best for this franchise we love.

Just try to be less angry about it. Be demanding. Just don’t be (too) mad. :slight_smile:


it’s always really funny when people assume that i didn’t play back in “the day”. i played all the Hitman games when i was a kid, but i like to be reasonable in my requests rather than the incessant demanding that you see from most vets :woman_shrugging:


Taking a Jager Lancer or a Sieger out of the case does look a bit silly haha.


You. I like you!

My spoiler likes you, too!


This topic is equivalent to 47’s trousers are not big enough to carry multiple screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, crowbars, lead pipes, bricks and everything else he carries around.


The Jaeger Lancer has no animation?


Oh no it does, but you still pull a fully assembled Lancer out of the briefcase to do the animation on it.


I just move the camera behind him and use my imagination! :slight_smile:

But I feel like they will patch this in one day. They had half of it already for the Jaeger… the barrel even twists into place (though already stuck in).


I’m not mad friend , just a little dissapointed that’s all …


Hey amigo , It’s already three games past since we asked for it (absolution)so forgive me for my “demanding “ attitude , and i don’t think they are unreasable at all , maybe you can understand we spend our hard -earned dollars for them games , it’s our right to ASK things and give constructive feedback …as it’s my every right not to buy it anymore if they don’t want to listen … I’ll do with my money what i want , if you like empty holsters and lacking Sniper gameplay animations by all means have fun , but let’s not ever forget thanks to who it’s possible the hitman franchise expanded so greatly to the title it is now … and we never needed things like instinct or story missions to play a hitman game … but those subtle things and animations back in the day , made the immersion much better for us .That’s how it is , whether you like it or not , and what i’m asking is not the end of the world effort-wise eh ?the same with the accents of the npcs in season 1 , they could patched new voices in … cause in season 2 it’s much better … but they don’t


Really still can’t believe there is no animation at all for the sieger 300


yeah. you’d think they would enable the animation for the iconic sniper. but instead it’s on every other sniper except the Sieger


I hope they eventually add it to the sieger, it’s the original briefcase sniper after all.


All the Sieger model rifles in the game are basically instant to retrieve from the case. The Jager model rifles are dreadful as they actually have an animation that freezes you for 3-5 seconds as 47 unpacks or packs them…I’ve literally died putting a Jager 7 back in the case because it has far too slow an animation. Did exact same thing with a Sieger and was out before guards made it up the staircase.


I’ve been playing the series since Contracts, and IMO instinct and Opportunities/Mission Stories are way, WAY better things to have in the games than improved sniper rifle/briefcase animations (although obviously in an ideal world you’d have both). Am I allowed to have an opinion? :roll_eyes:


You are in wrong place.


Have i denied your opinion ? I’ve told mine and get labeled ‘demanding’