Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


the last clip is my favorite. best addition to the briefcase :slight_smile:

but still, they should really enable the sniper animation for the Sieger. it might not actually budge the Sieger model, and 47’s hands might clip into it a bit, but it’s better than nothing


Agreed, hope they add the animation.


The other topic about the pink [2] Stickers… Which are essentially the same items, just with a sticker. Maybe they could give the Sniper Rifles this treatment (if they haven’t already). Have one model of the rifle just pop out of the briefcase, while the other gives you an assembly animation. :laughing:


Fix it @Travis_IOI :disappointed_relieved: We want at least a good animation… ps: the game it’s amazing.


Alan, please add animation.


I agree! Best in size and even shape is ok.


Thats how i usually describe my Penis.


In addition to the OP, Hitman 3 should have the larger briefcases (which are the only ones that can hold a sniper rifle) take a while to unlock. From the moment I started the game, I felt like I could almost immediately take any sniper rifle anywhere I wanted, because it took so little time to unlock the first sniper. This isn’t bad per say, as it allows for experimentation, but added in with the fact that there’s no briefcase size differences, it made it feel like the only hard part of sniping an enemy was finding a vantage point (and on occasion throwing the briefcase up a ladder, which was more dumb than it was a good challenge).

I just remember how fun it was trying to sneak a sniper past people in Hokkaido, having to care greatly about what agency pickup I selected for it, and having to find the perfect hiding place to snipe the targets. And I think the first few times you use a sniper, you should probably have to take up that stress as a challenge. Just my opinion though :grinning:


that is why no briefcase is needed in the game, except at 1 level for memory


I believe this is the thing you are talking about, they were in the previous leak, but I just can’t find them anywhere in the actual game. I have this idea, small cases can carry some of these small illegal items, you can climb ladders and pips with the small cases, but large cases can carry assault rifles & sniper rifles, you can’t climb ladders and pips with the large briefcases.


I like it when IO has nice ideas and then ditch them because who the fuck know why?!


They decided to leave some for the sequels??


I’m tiered of waiting for better updates at each sequels. All of us are I think


That’s exactly what i was looking for!

I thought IOI was going to implement different sizes of Briefcases?

What about all that speech about “we didn’t add Elevators or Human Shield because we prefer focus on Briefcase and different sizes”?

P.S.: That pre-alpha briefcase anim still on the game while they said it was alpha footage…

From this… :+1:

To this… :grimacing:

[quote=“theWizard, post:3224, topic:22826”]


Guess i was so wrong… :confused:

Unbelievable :persevere:


Weren’t those leaks, just because they are in a leaked document doesn’t mean they will wind up in the game. Either they are in future updates or IO ran out of time or worse yet funding.


They run out of money to put in something already made? I don’t understand.


Maybe, it might be like those concept cars manufactures design. They get shown out to people but most of the time the company focuses on other things that are more important or the division goes broke. Maybe they ran out of money hiring Sean Bean or designing Mumbai or some other more pressing matter.


But we are talking about a videogame and apparently for something already made.


They only made the model. Including a gameplay difference betwee both sizes (and a hypothetical “big” size) might have been missing or decided against.


You trust them too much. I already said here a month before release that the weapons are going to be for more than 50% reskins and I was wrong. 50% of them at least are the same weapons.