Briefcase ingame is too small to contain a Sniper rifle and still has old BETA animation


They only made a model not the real deal. I don’t holler when something from the concept art never made it in the game


Then why bullsh*ttin us with fake excuses?
HITMAN 2 Production and Promotion was definitely shady af…


Don’t worry, lesson learned :+1:
Never again.


What about the Blackballer from the BETA? It was there, functional, and in the wallpapers till today.


What fake excuses? This was the first I heard about your excuses you have talked about.

47 is the best assassin in the world why would he use a model of gun made by a manufacture that ran out of business?

No it wasn’t IO bent over backwards for you briefcase lovers. I wanted blood pools which were much more worthy of being added.


You are talking about the real world. This is Hitman universe where he posses an iconic gun.
Besides. All the weapons in the game are invented if not for the 1911’s


No I am talking about 47, a preconditioned and thoroughly trained assassin with a reputation for being the best in the business.


You’re forgetting that there’s over half a dozen of unlockable sniper rifles now. The old animation from BM didn’t have to factor for different models of snipers since only the Sieger could be used with the briefcase.

That’s why we have a simpler animation instead, doing a separate assembly animation for each sniper rifle would be too much effort.


The fact that nobody recognises him in a disguise is unrealistic. So are clones. So is Providence and so on. It’s a very bad excuse for that.


I was tring to find the videos back but it’s been too long so:

  • Pre-Alpha footage from E3 = Almost same game as release
  • Unfinished game made within less than two years
  • Game not optimized at all at launch, basically we are beta testers and they fix things on the way…
  • Can’t bring back suits/some weapons from season one because of “server/publisher issues”
  • Teasing the game with CGI trailers and putting slideshows as cutscenes without even telling us a word about it
  • Saying Briefcase animation is Alpha footage and will be improved
  • Saying there are 6 levels while it’s in fact 1 tiny intro level + 5 levels
  • I’m forgetting a lot, but i’ll edit the list when it gets back…

If they were sincere, they would’ve communicated about all that mess while on livestreams, on conventions, etc. But instead they kept maximum secrecy until release.

And when you assemble all of this together, you understand better why they didn’t said anything…


I would’ve accepted a broken “disassemble” Sniper anim rather than that awful Alpha animation they dared to keep until release :grimacing:

Even more: If they were honest right at the start saying “sorry but we had to cut budget/time so finally we keep the animation as it is”, i would’ve forgiven that tricky part.


Did you by now finish your long fancy list why this game is unfinished and not worth 60$?


I still think it is a matter of money and not will. IO went through with the effort to put the case in despite the fact they clearly only did it for the fans of the briefcase.

The game is finished, it was made with a tiny budget

It is the same with all games now days none of the bugs were game breaking and many will be fixed. We got the game early and we knew there would be bugs for our complacency.

For fuck’s sake unless you have the money or an animation studio lying around we were never getting CGI. IO were not waiting for SE to drop them as a developer.

Nope there are six levels in all and more to come. Seven actually since Sniper Assassin is included


Actually the Alpha animation was different than the one we have now. They kept their word and did improve on it.


You came only to say that?

It’s in progress…85%.

Oh yeah? I would love to see the slight difference they changed :sweat_smile:



This was the very first sniper animation we were shown. It was improved upon. Just as IO said. The new animation is not the badass assembly animation from either BM or C47 but it still works well IMO.


Yes. After all I like to think you came to the conclusion that more calmness in criticism is making your posts better.


Yes, that is what I meant with my original post. I should have used a better wording. Assembly animations for like 10 separate sniper rifles would be too expensive.


Now he takes it out in one part more realistically?

Woah…such a huge difference :open_mouth:

If that’s your definition of “improving” then i understand why so many people here are compliant with that whole mess… :sleepy:


Hey if you have the money and skill you can mod them into a PC version or work for IO at this point you, me, Badea and Tiki are the only people on this thread.